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our tile effect collection offers the timeless look of tiles without the work. all of the tile effect pvc wall panels come complete with grout line without the heavy cleaning regime that a traditional grout line comes with. our panels are incredibly easy to install and represent the modern alternative to tiles.

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still able to provide all of the visual aspects tiles bring, the tile panels range offers a simple installation process and can even be installed over your existing tiles. with no grouting being necessary for our tile effect wall panels, you are left with an easy wipe clean finish.

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claddtech grey marble bathroom wall panels tile effect cladding used in kitchen, office ceiling and walls, perfect for wet walls in shower, pvc plastic 100% waterproof by (order a sample or panels) 4.1 out of 5 stars 3.

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our range of pvc wall panels, including our tile effect panels, are easy to install, hard wearing, long lasting and looks fantastic. we only stock the best wall cladding brands at cheap prices, so you're guaranteed great quality and value.

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our tile effect bathroom wall panels offer a range of quirky patterns and modern simplicity. whether you’re after something with a bit of mediterranean inspiration or a simple tile effect to bring out style and elegance, our tile effect panel collection has something for you.