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this tool will estimate material for traditional, board on board and shadowbox privacy fencing configurations. the results are material estimates for configuration with one of two woodshades picket styles; dogear and square top. your project will include only one style of picket.

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the types of lumber needed for a wood privacy fence will vary by its type and style. some styles have two horizontal rails between the posts and others use 3, 4, 5, or more. most involve picketsor sometimes railsbeing placed so that they touch thereby blocking the view through the fence, while some have no pickets at all.

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calculate posts, rails and palings or pickets for wood fences - post and paling spacing and placements with detailed diagrams. wood fence calculator - posts rails palings or pickets - spacing and materials costs. enter fence length, post centers and post width to re-d diagram showing post spacing.

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backyard fences tend to be 6 to 8 feet tall to ensure privacy, and the most popular fencing material is wood pickets. fences in the front yard are generally decorativethink white picket fenceand are 3 to 4 feet tall. front-yard fences add to curb appeal and can be an important part of a landscaping plan. extra-long or high fence costs

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our fencing materials calculator generates a materials list for you, and tells you how much you will need for your project. about us. species. siding. decking. timbers. fencing. fence materials calculator. total linear feet: total linear feet. fencing type: 1x4 cedar fence board 1x6 cedar fence board 8 ft cedar pre-built fence panels.

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if youre thinking of a new fence and arent quite ready to build but just looking for a pricing guide, our online fencing cost calculator is here to help. simply select the type of fence design below including how many metres, and our calculator will give you a rough cost. cost guide

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regular fence picket estimation. there will be no multiplier table for regular type fences since it is up to you how far from each other you will install the pickets. below is the formula to help you with this computation: fence perimeter gate length ÷ picket width distance between pickets number of pickets per gate

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fence paint and stain calculator. picket width: enter the width of the fence picket in inches. this will vary from fence-to-fence as there are many shapes and sizes. however, a common board size sold at hardware stores is the 6-in x 6-ft dog-ear picket. results: the calculator will generate the estimated amount of paint or stain needed

vinyl fence calculator

the height is necessary to compute sections because the post widths vary according to the height of the fence. basically all heights 4' and under use 4' square posts and 5' and taller fences use 5' square posts. an exception to this is the vinyl post and rail fence. do not use this calculator for those styles.

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each type of fence can be configured in different colors. the tan and white are basic colors, any other configuration is 15-30% additional charge. we are very proud to announce that 97% of our clients get billed the exact amount that was shown on the price calculator, which is located on the bottom of the page, for their beautiful new pvc fence.