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a concrete slab patio is hard to beat. it's flat and smooth, so it's suitable for all sorts of furniture and outdoor activities. it's easy to keep clean and doesn't leave grit on your shoes to be tracked into the house like gravel patios .

how to pour concrete on new concrete to fix a slope

concrete is a building material that isn't kind with mistakes. you can follow instructions perfectly, yet somehow you find that your new concrete slab has a glaring problem: it slopes. fixing a sloping slab with new concrete isn't too difficult. with a little preparation and some additional concrete, you can

how to make a slope for water runoff using pavers home

how to make a slope for water runoff using pavers. exposing plant roots and creating cracks in the concrete. from poorly designed yards to overflowing gutters, you may find yourself fighting

fix concrete patio slope this old house

i have an old ugly concrete patio that has settled and slopes toward the house. i would like to have a flagstone patio with a slight slope away from the house. what is the best way to do that? should the old patio be removed? or could the slope be corrected by putting sand or something else? on top of the concrete and then have the stones laid on top of the sand? what are the pros and cons

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what are the solutions for existing patios? if you have an existing concrete patio that does not have a drainage system, its not too late to install one. where the water tends to collect, cut out a sloping channel in the concrete to direct the water away, filling it with decorative stone or gravel.

how to form a concrete slab on unlevel ground

pouring a concrete slab isn't difficult, but it can be a bit tricky, especially if the ground where you are attempting to pour the slab is uneven. as long as the form in which you are pouring the cement, is level, what happens underneath the cement is not as critical.

how do i fix a concrete porch that slopes towards the

how do i fix a concrete porch that slopes towards the house? and building up a surface off of the existing concrete patio. or just take a jackhammer and remove the old patio and put in a new one there is a process called mud-jacking that i used to use on pool decks that cracked when a pool rose out of the ground, but i'd be hesitant as

how much slope you need near a house in land grading

many homeowners are unaware of how much slope grade is needed around a house foundation.this is an important issue because if land grading is not done properly, runoff can be directed toward your foundation. this unwanted water can eventually compromise its integrity.

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to pour a concrete patio, start by roping off the patio area. then, dig out the top layer of ground, and replace it with a layer of gravel. next, make a form around your patio out of 2x4s to hold the concrete in place. once the form is ready, mix the concrete and pour it all at once to avoid it splitting into slabs.

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follow these instructions to build a patio, even one on a slope. build a patio on a slope. step 1 find a gentle slope and make your patio no longer than 15 feet. at its tallest, the patio should not stand more than 2 or 3 feet from the ground. step 2 measure the final height of your patio above ground level using surveying tools transept and

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the patio needs to slope away from the house about a 1-inch drop every 4 feet. a 4-foot level with a 1-inch block of wood attached to the end is helpful to check the slope as you're digging. the pavers should sit at or a little above ground level. dig about 6 inches beyond the strings. cutting each with a circular saw and concrete

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my patio is roughly 50x16 and the pitch is approx 2.5' across that 16ft, from the opposite side of the patio if you eye it with nothing on the patio the pitch is noticeable. then load up the patio with stuff and now suddenly it doesnt matter, cant feel that pitch by walking, etc. however, my patio is only pitched in that one direction.

how to build a deck on sloped or uneven ground

bigfoot concrete footing forms how to build a deck on sloped or uneven ground can i reuse the footings from my old deck for a new deck project? using rebar for concrete deck footings concrete pier blocks for decks deck footing spacing and layout prevent frost footing heaving concrete

existing concrete patio slopes towards house

if the existing patio is 20 feet deep, it would have to start at almost 5 inches at the house to create a 2% slope away. in addition, you still have that concrete slope towards the house beneath this stone. who knows how water will seep into the ground in a storm? so i see a few other solutions. 1.

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offers these detailed guidelines. before you begin, survey the location youve chosen for your diy concrete patio. if the ground here isnt level, you may need to regrade the site, with or

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'the minimum slope for the slab should be an 1/8-inch drop per foot,' according to kuert concrete, inc. screw the form boards firmly into the stakes at this adjusted elevation. 'how to pour a

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concrete slab-on-ground patio for a multi-family residential building. one of the issues is the slope of the slab. can you direct me to any aci documents covering that topic? a. the only aci document that discusses slope of exterior patio slabs is aci 302.1r-04.1 it states that: positive drainage requires a slope of 1/4 in./ft 20 mm/m .

how to slope a concrete patio for drainage

the standard formula for the slope of a concrete patio is a 1/4-inch drop for every foot of length. if the slope is more gradual than this, you may run into trouble getting water to run off properly. slopes that are steeper than this are fine, but you may also wish to consider the ease of mobility on a concrete patio that is too steep.

how to build a diy floating deck in a sloped backyard

the intrepid diyer and author of remodelando la casa built the deck to compensate for her steeply sloped and it had to be done way down into the ground, below the retaining wall. the exterior frame was done with 2 x 8 x 16 pressure treated lumber, attached to the 4 x 4s in each concrete deck block. perpendicular to the joists, with a

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regular wear and tear, severe fluctuating weather conditions and improperly preparing the ground before a concrete pour can result in a sloping concrete slab. as the underlying ground settles further, the concrete slab will slope or sink in a particular direction, making one side higher than the other.