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this cinder-block bench is an easy diy solution when you've got a last-minute crowd coming over for a barbecue or backyard party. it takes about 30 minutes to put together and requires no tools. get the tutorial at icon home design .

20 diy garden bench ideas that are out of the ordinary

if you are looking for creative garden bench ideas, then check out these 20 diy's that you can easily create at home. if you have a large garden at your residence, then you know how benches can enhance the design of your garden as well as give you a place to sit and enjoy your plants.

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how to build a planter bench 1 cut the bench top pieces use the black decker 4.5 amp jigsaw to cut the following pieces: 3 2 build the bench top frame place two full-length, 96' 2 x 6 cedar boards on their sides, 3 install the plank braces measure in from each outside end of the frame and

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a garden bench attached to planter boxes makes a great combination. these planter bench plans make it easy to build using only 2×4s, screws, and nails. this bench will make a great focal point to any backyard or deck. get started building this planter bench and start enjoying your favorite flowers.

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building the frame. use 1×3 slats to build the frames for the potting bench. drill pocket holes at both ends of the yellow components and insert 1 1/4 screws into the perpendicular slats. alternatively, you can drill pilot holes and insert 1 1/4 screws though the front and back slats.

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continue adding slats to the frame in the same fashion to complete the bench top; allow the glue to dry. use two screws at the ends of all but the two outside slats to join the slats to the frame. then use single screws to attach the slats to the internal supports.

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shopping list for how to build a planter bench: - cedar 2 4s. get twenty 8-foot boards to make the 16 fraction 12 -inch planter pieces and the 82 1/2-inch-long seat frame.

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how to make the planter bench. following the diagram at left click the thumbnail below the top image , build the benchs ladder-like frame, countersinking all screws. sand the frame. space the 10-foot lengths and screw to the frame so the edges overhang ¼ inch on all sides. measure the inside diameter of one pot ours is just under 17 in. .

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use it on your front porch, in the garden or even in the house. dress her up in pumpkins, potted mums or just leave her plain. she is a pretty thing all alone. now to the nitty gritty of how to get her built. i used standard pine lumber from the local lumber yard.

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step 2 create bracket. arrange the 4 x 4s and 2 x 4s in an alternating pattern with 1/2 inch of space between them. to create a bracket for the base, set two pavers on the bottom of the bench, 10 inches from each edge, and place the 2 x 2s on either side of a paver.

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this 'how to' -diy video tutorial will show you step by step instructions on how to easily make a potting bench / work bench. visit www.pcowoodcraftin

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an indoor bench should get a weather-resistant finish, at the very least, to prevent water, soil, and fertilizer from damaging the surface. and for those of you who don't want to diy this project, we have good news: there are potting benches on the market that suit all budgets.

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they made the back of it with lattice which is a nice touch to make your potting bench appear a little different at first glance. also, it has ample amount of storage. there are small spots at the top to hold some clay pots. but there is also ample amount of room at the bottom to holding potting soil and other potting necessities. build this bench

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learn how to build an outdoor planter bench; includes step-by-step instructions along with tips, materials, and tools lists. cut the planter bench components with a power miter saw. make notches for the planter bench end frames. assemble the planter bench end frames with glue. reinforce the

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in order to build a gorgeous looking garden bench, you need to first look for a proper space in the garden or backyard area. by placing the wood in crib style, you can construct a fine garden bench; if you have some extra time, you can add a crib design planter to compliment the seating area.