pergola pulling apart repair

how to repair rotted soffit and fascia - remove the gutter

this repair is continued from how to repair rotted soffit and fascia part 1. the fascia board and soffit is rotted due to rain water damage where it sits on the roof and must be replaced. the cordless drill nail puller sells for $30 and may simply the job of pulling the nails from the hidden gutter hanger especially for those hard-to

how to cut and install the purlins and capitals for a pergola

set the purlins on the chalk line, pre-drill the holes and secure with galvanized wood screws. as the pergola takes shape, you'll notice that the roof looks familiar. it has all the elements of a normal pitched house roof -- joists, rafters and purlins. the only difference is that the pergola roof is flat and has no shingles.

3 ways to repair a book's binding - wikihow

how to repair a book's binding. is your favorite book falling apart or shedding pages or its cover? it easier than you think to repair your book using a book or binding glue can help you reattach pages that have come loose from the book .

how to repair a zipper : 10 zip problems and solutions for

in a separating zipper you will have to start by joining the two separate sides of the zipper and lock it within a pin and then continue joining the teeth by pulling the pull tab. with a non-separating zipper the ends are already joined with a stopper. how to fix broken zipper : 10 repair solutions 1 zipper opens all too soon

diy pergola plans how to plan and post a pergola

here's how to plan and post a perfect pergola. last, i planned a day of yard repair. that schedule might vary for other builders, but there are a few universal bits of advice. first, renting

how to repair a leaning fence mitre 10 easy as - youtube

if part of your fence is on a lean, dont worry, well show you an easy fix that you can do yourself, thatll get your fence nice and strht again.

how to repair a faulty lamp - dummies

if you have a lamp with a loose socket that causes the lamp to flicker, to be difficult to turn on, or to just flat out refuse to light, you can replace the socket and give the lamp a new life. you can replace a socket so easily that, even if its not your favorite lamp, you may want to fix it and give it to someone else, like your nosy neighbor.

how to repair stairs

its preferable if you can fix them from below because your repair is less likely to show. once you find the source of the noise, you can usually fix it relatively easily. stairs or closets are built below make this job easier. where the underside is not accessible, you may have to pull down a finished ceiling underneath to get a good look.

advice needed -- leaning pergola in patio - redflagdeals

op: i think it would be a very easy fix/repair. if i were you, i would jack up the corner of the pergola where the leaning post is standing by inserting a wooden post on each side of the post to be fixing. then you can do the repair. hope this would work.

how to fix carpet problems

in this article: static electricity in carpeting fixing carpet dents and ripples fixing carpet seams or tears repairing carpet snags preventing faded carpeting carpet stains and cleaning tips on how to deal with static electricity, carpet dents, snags, tears, fading, and other carpet problems. the various carpet materials differ in their ability to resist stains

laminate floor repair family handyman

laminate floor get a ding? whether it's a small chip or a big divot, you can repair it with simple, diy techniques that make the floor look as good as new. you can fix minor chips and scratches in a laminate floor with filler products. but if the damage is severe, you have to replace the plank you

how to repair a sagging wood deck

how to repair a sagging wood deck what youre reading now . how to sister a wood deck post for beam splice support build a jack post with 2×6s and 2×4s, jack up the deck and install a support block. how to pull together a sagging wood deck stabilize the deck with a cable wench. how to replace a 6×6 wood deck post

installing a clear pergola roof - houseful of handmade

installing a clear pergola roof was the best decision ever. i have noticed 2 drips with the last rain storm and will watch those to see if i need to fix the screws up-top to get a better seal since the screws are what seals the roof . your post gives me the confidence i might be able to pull it off. curious though, as its not

how to fix a separating zipper hunker

a separating zipper refers to the sides of metal teeth coming apart when you pull the slider. separating zippers seem to occur at the worst possible time, when you're rushing out the door or late for an appointment. luckily, you don't have to hand over the article of clothing to a professional seamstress or garment repair person.

repairing decks and railings the family handyman

predrill three clearance holes in two 16-in. treated wood cleats so they pull tight to the joists. also, pull up on them so they butt tightly against the decking on each side as you screw them in. apply construction adhesive, hold each cleat tight to neighboring deck boards, and screw one to the joists at each end of the deck repair.

how to repair camper walls it still runs

how to repair camper walls window or roof leak -- as opposed to impact damage from a tree or fence, fix that issue before repairing the walls. for noncomposite walls, exterior skins are typically made of aluminum siding or a fiberglass-based paneling. wear all necessary protective equipment, particularly a breathing mask when pulling

how to repair picture frames hunker

pull apart any loose joints. if you see nails or brads, pull them out with pliers. it's best to pull the entire frame apart and repair all the joints if more than one joint is loose. sand off the finish with 120-grit sandpaper if the frame is scratched. you don't need a sander to do this; just sand by hand, going with the grain.

how can i repair a rip in my canvas gazebo? hometalk

i have a 10x12 gazebo bolted to my deck. it is domed so it is very tall. i was trying to take the top down this fall and accidentally ripped a hole in the canvas. the canvas is stretched over the top and it seems to be strong. i don't think just trying to glue the hole together will work. can you please help me . thank you, hynsite1. this is before it was bolted to the deck.

36 best rafter repair images rafter tails, exposed

mar 14, 2016 - explore tbbentley's board 'rafter repair' on pinterest. see more ideas about rafter tails, exposed rafters and roof overhang. pergola installation near me hurricane retrofit guide - gable end overhangs space the rafters further apart than current framing codes allow. older structures often had 20, 24 or greater