eco products compostable cups

bpi certified items

the biodegradable products institute is the current standard in u.s. for composting. bpi and the us composting council use the american society for testing and materials astm specifications to certify products as compostable.

biodegradable cold cups, corn plastic compostable cups

biodegradable cold cups, lids. disposable, compostable cold cups corn plastic made from pla an eco friendly corn based resin. perfect for any cold drinks. biodegradable drinking cups wholesale in bulk or small quantity.

portion cups

renewable and compostable sugarcane portion cups and lids are excellent alternatives to traditional petroleum-derived plastic portion cups. sturdy and versatile, these little containers can handle both hot and cold items easily. made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers. renewable, compostable, and astm d6868 compliant.

greenstripe cold cups

this is not your typical, run-of-the-mill party cup. this is your greenstripe renewable and compostable cold cup this cup holds drinks without leaking, rocks its environmental attributes, and is always the life of the party. best of all, when its time to go home, this cup is certified compostable and returns to the soil until your next bash.

eco-products: compostable cups, sts, containers and cutlery

eco products is a green company that produces some of the most high-quality compostable recycled food service products in the industry. their commitment to sustainability has inspired them to spearhead the eco-friendly disposables initiative in order eco-products

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greenstripe cold cups

showcase your commitment to green with our classic greenstripe cold cups. made from pla, a plant-based plastic, these cups are renewable and compostable. they're made from crops that grow back every year, and they can be composted where facilities exist and returned to the soil to help new plants grow.


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cheers to eco-products renewable and compostable cold cups, a smart receptacle that will be the life of your next party. they are made from ingeo brand pla, a corn-based renewable resource, and meet international compostability standards.

world art hot cups

home > products > hot cups > world art hot cups these may look just like your everyday hot cups, but they are oh so much more. made entirely from materials that can be grown again and again, these cups fit into your life easily and without excess waste, guilt, or bad karma.

biodegradable cups and lids

biodegradable cups and lids eco-friendly and compostable hot, cold and portion cups. all cups manufactured using biodegradable and renewable resources. select from the top manufacturers of disposable and bio-compostable tableware. compostable cups and lids also available. buy what you need in small quantities or large. eco-products compostable portion cups

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eco products wholesale compostable disposable sustainable

eco-products wholesale sustainable compostable paper cold cups, lids and sts 100% renewable, astm compliant and bpi certified compostable. sometimes you just need to chill out. that's why these compostable paper cold cups are perfect for a cool drink on a hot day.


eco-products uses ingeo plastic exclusively in our compostable products, and it is tested and clearly marked for commercial compost only. methane in landfills results from organic materials that end up in anaerobic air-locked or capped landfills and are deprived of oxygen and micro-organisms.

eco products wholesale minimally branded compostable

eco products wholesale 100% compostable ecolid hot cup lids made from 100% renewable resources and meets astm standards for compostability . unlike traditional hot cup lids, the renewable and compostable ecolid is made with pla, a plant-based material, instead of traditional oil-based plastics.

compostable sts

sts so green, you can compost them. eco-products offers a complete line of compostable sts in a variety of sizes, colors, and either wrapped and unwrapped to match your needs and offer you a completely renewable beverage solution. best of all, our sts are sturdy and certified compostable in commercial compost facilities.

eco-products compostable cold drink cups, 9 oz. 1,000 ct

buy eco-products compostable cold drink cups - 9oz/1000 cups on and save. find eco-products compostable cold drink cups - 9oz/1000 cups, plates, cups, cutlery, and other foodservice needs at sam's club.

eco-friendly coffee cups and why compostable hot cups are

world art compostable hot cups by eco products. manufactured by eco products, world art hot cups are another eco-friendly disposable cup option. available in sizes ranging from 2 to 20 ounces, these cups are designed from 100% renewable resources and meet astm standards for compostability.