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epoxy flooring is made with epoxy resins, colorant, and additives for texture and slip-resistance. one common additive is marble chips. because it is applied as a liquid that hardens, epoxy flooring is seamless and highly sanitary. it is commonly used to refinish old kitchen floors to create a new, completely sealed surface.

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the best commercial kitchen and restaurant food service flooring. restaurants need flooring specifically for their kitchens that protects the health of their patrons. we create floor finishes that meet the functional needs of kitchen environments, including:

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jul 4, 2018 - restaurant kitchen flooring options. see more ideas about kitchen flooring options, kitchen flooring and restaurant kitchen. jul 4, 2018 - restaurant kitchen flooring options. see more ideas about kitchen flooring options, kitchen flooring and restaurant kitchen.

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so the restaurant kitchen flooring needs to be durable enough to endure substantial abuse like high temperature and offer non-slippery surfaces to provide safety for the staff. so here are the 4 types of restaurant kitchen tiles typically approved by health departments that can serve the purpose for a restaurant kitchen in almost all the aspects.

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oven liners are great, particularly if you are renting and/or don't have a self-cleaning oven. the ability to either remove the liner to clean (instead of losing the oven for hours for the self cleaner) or recycle is a great help, particularly when making a lot of food, ie during the holidays.

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rubber kitchen flooring mats for restaurants can be laid over restaurant kitchen flooring to create a safer and more comfortable work space. commercial kitchen floors, or restaurant kitchen floors, take a lot of abuse, so choose well and have a resilient floor that will last for years.

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