how to cover a wood pergola

installing a clear pergola roof

some of the wood we painted before assembling the pergola, but due to weather, we were not able to paint it all before. painting it installed was a bit of a shoulder workout for me the clear roof won out since the pergola covers 2 windows of our house one that is my office and i wanted to keep all my natural light coming in. but the

easy ways to cover a patio: 15 steps with pictures

cover a wooden pergola with a trellis and vines for added shade and beauty. nail a wooden trellis to the top of a pergola structure. plant some vines around the bases of the corner posts and let them grow up the pergola and through the trellis.

staining and sealing wood pergolas discover the best

for maintaining outdoor wood pergola structures in certain climates or simply a personal color preference for the appearance of the structure, you may want to consider staining and sealing the wood. stain and sealant adds a layer of protection to the wood, protecting it from uv rays, moisture and temperature changes, and helps maintain the woods color.

pergola ideas

get pergola ideas from this metal and wood patio cover. this is unique in that it is custom fabricated out of metal and redwood by joseph huettl landscape architecture. this type of construction

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a shadescape do it yourself pavilion cover is built with old world craftsmanship, interlocking mortise, and tenon joints. you slide them in place much like a childs toy of legos or lincoln logs. the beveled trapezoid joints lock into place allowing the wood to expand and contract with a tight joint system naturally.

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two companies that offer wooden patio cover kits are baldwin pergolas and backyard america. maintenance. a wood patio cover will require annual maintenance. it will need to be treated regularly to keep termites at bay and protect it from weather damage. a wooden patio cover will also need to be repainted frequently to keep up its original appearance. if not maintained properly, the wood could rot and deteriorate quickly making it necessary to replace the entire patio cover.

best waterproof pergola rain cover ideas

tarpaulin for pergola rain cover. another best rain cover for pergola is tarpaulin. people also call it as tarp. this becomes a good option if you only want to cover your pergola temporarily. if you have a problem with your budget, you can also consider covering your pergola with tarpaulin for certain area only.

installing a pergola

the last step in construction is to attach lattice or stringers small strips of wood to the roof. they give a filtered effect to the light, creating additional shade for hot climates. paint or stain the wood the last step is to put the finishing touches onto your pergola by painting or staining it the color of your choice.

how do i put a waterproof cover over a pergola? hometalk

how do i put a waterproof cover over a pergola? answer. answered. i have a pergola attached to my house that extends out about 18 feet, and i would like to put a waterproof covering over it. it currently has a sunshade fabric on top since this area gets a lot of bright, hot afternoon sun. i have some wood planks on my second story terrace

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this freestanding pergola shade is made of redwood, and it will cover an area of 96 square feet 8 x 12 feet , but you can customize it to your preference by adding additional louvers and most. but the rafters shouldnt span more than 6 feet. if you want, you can build this pergola shelter next to your house to keep your home cooler in the summer.