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almost half of new decks now use composite or plastic decking and the number continues to grow. the driving force is the promise of a wood-like appearance with minimal maintenance.

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standard composite deck has embossments in the vertical ribs that bond with the concrete slab to develop a composite floor system. once the concrete cures, the resulting composite floor system provides superior strength and stiffness. available with nested side laps, types 1.5cd and 1.5cdr, or with interlocking side laps,

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composite deck has embossments in the vertical ribs that bond with the concrete slab to develop a composite floor system. composite deck acts as a form during the concrete pour. once the concrete cures, the resulting composite floor system provides superior strength and stiffness.

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enter capped composite decking - the perfect material to upgrade your space by adding a gorgeous deck over concrete structures. if you have a concrete patio you want to transform into a more beautiful and impactful outdoor space, capped composite is not only a great choice, but its pretty easy to pull off.

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seven trustr composite deck-slab weight than 3wxh-36 for the specified concrete thickness 8 inch on center low flute spacing to allow for bearing wall studs to be at 16 inches on center non-composite deck 7 8 inch depth, 32 inch coverage 2 foot to 7 foot span range no acustadek options good for short span conditions

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cement board or concrete deck at an attractive price of $1 to $6 per square foot , concrete isnt just for patios anymore. although this material can be much heavier than other deck options, the right support makes it possible.

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you'll be attaching the pressure-treated 2-by-4s across the width of the concrete every 16 inches as deck sleepers to support the composite decking. measure the width of the concrete with a tape measure, and then cut the boards to length using a table saw.

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user note: load tables and labeled fire resistant rated assemblies may require concrete compressive strengths in excess of 3000 psi.the average compressive strength of the concrete may exceed 6000 psi, but a maximum strength of 6000 psi is to be used in calculating the strength of the composite deck-slab.

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a minimum 2 in. thickness of concrete over the formlok deck is required to achieve composite action. a 2½ in. thickness is suggested for better stiffness of the composite slab. greater thickness may be required to attain fire ratings or meet specific load requirements.

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formlok composite slabs may be used to meet hourly fire ratings. the type and thickness of concrete specified will determine whether fireproofing will be required on the underside of the formlok deck. typically 2½ in. of concrete over the top of the deck is required for fire ratings with fireproofing on the underside of the deck.

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dovetail-shaped structural composite dek engineered for spans up to 28-0 with minimal concrete cover. versa-dek composite 3.5ls is an optimized deck profile combining the features of stay-in-place formwork and positive steel reinforcement for composite floor slabs.

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the minimum yield strength is 40,000 psi. the deflection of the deck under design live load shall not exceed 1/240 of the span or 1, whichever is less. span is measured center line to center line of supports .

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the contractor orders the joists to length and in the proper depth. spans of 40 feet are routine, and spans up to 65 feet are possible with deep joists and a thicker concrete cover. view of a composite steel bar joist floor from below before removal of roll bars and plywood.

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1. concrete thickness is thickness of slab above deck, in. 3. deck finish shall be galvanized 2. refer to the u.l. fire resistance directory for the necessary construction details. restrained assembly rating type of protection concrete thickness and type 1 classified deck type u.l. design no. 2, 3, 4 unrestrained beam rating

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1 the typical fire rating is 2 hours. 2 for 2 hour fr, you can either use 3' or 2' metal deck with 3.25' lightweight concrete fill 6.25' or 5.25' total . , or 3' or 2' metal deck with 4.50' normal weight concrete 7.5' or 6.50' total .

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for single span deck applications the ability to control the concrete placement may be restricted and a 1.5 factor has been applied to the concrete load to cover this condition. the metric equivalent of the 150 pound load over a foot of width is 2.2 kn over a meter of width. 3.3 calculated theoretical deflections of the deck, as a form, shall be

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typical values and details are given in figure 4.5 for the following: steel or concrete supports - composite slabs on steel or concrete supports should have minimum bearing lengths of 75 mm for the slab, and a minimum end bearing length of 50 mm for the decking see figure 4.5 a and figure 4.5 b .

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composite steel deck floors consist of a profiled steel deck with a concrete topping. included in the concrete is some light welded mesh reinforcement which acts to control cracking, to resist longitudinal shear and, in the case of fire, to act as tensile reinforcement. indentations in the profiled deck allow the concrete and steel to bond and share load.