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composite decking is sealed at the factory and does not need to be re-sealed when the deck is built. the sealing is part of the manufacturing, and the cost of sealing is built into the price of the material. you can cure fading and discoloration on some composite decks by staining them using a specially formulated composite deck stain. but

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composite decking is a mixture of recycled plastic and wood fibers. they were designed initially to be maintenance free with no need for cleaning and or an application of a sealer/wood stain. the industry has since changed from "maintenance free" to" "low maintenance" due to the many issues with mold and mildew.

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you can try to clean your system with some rubbing alcohol or 409, but unless the discoloration is from the system just being dirty, it just won't help. q. what causes the discoloration, anyway? a. there are a lot of reasons for the discoloration of a snes console. one, and probably the most common, is exposure to sunlight.

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i have not used wolf’s composite decking products, but know that they are part of the new generation of composite decking products with a hard plastic skin or “capstock” over a composite core. these tend to wear better and are less prone to scratch and stain than standard composite decking.

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when the less demanding plastic-composite decking appeared on the scene in the 1990s, homeowners happily adopted it, despite the higher price and limited color selection (gray). a decade later, as companies began to offer new products that looked like fresh-cut cedar and brazilian walnut but never turned gray, sales of composites took off.

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whether you have a wood or composite deck, you’ll have to deal with stains and discoloration over time. this can be caused by mold, especially with composite decking. a mold problem is an even bigger issue if your deck is in a shaded area or stays wet throughout the day. however, mold isn’t just a problem unique to composite decks.

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factory made season show reviews & metacritic score: a look at how beer, cooking pots, catcher's mitts, and bricks are made .

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avoid using nails with composite decking. you may have trouble sinking the heads, and the impact of the hammer can damage the finish. moreover, nails tend to pull out. stagger the joints between the ends of the board from row to row to create a random pattern if you have runs longer than your longest deck boards.