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increasing the total weight on the floor to 4,480 pounds, however, results in a live load of 40 psf, which is beyond the floor's load capacity. references american wood council: understanding loads and using span tables

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how to calculate deck stain. let's be honest - sometimes the best deck stain calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the deck stain formula is in the first place but if you want to know the exact formula for calculating deck stain then please check out the 'formula' box above.

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the density and weight of lumber varies with the water or moisture content in the wood. typical weights for green, kiln dried and pressure treated lumber boards are indicated in the tables below. note that nominal dimensions are not the same as actual lumber dimensions .

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the weight of a simple roof over the deck is taken into account when using the tributary area method. as a general rule, if the support posts are spaced no more than 10 feet on center, all you will need to use are 4- by 4-inch posts. most local building codes permit 4-by-4 posts 10 feet on center for all but multistory decks..

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wood header and supported weight - the weight that can be supported by a double or triple wood header wood, panel and structural timber products - mechanical properties - density, fibre stress, compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of clear wood, panel and structural timber products

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although some decks are faced with unusual species, such as ironwood and seven trust, most are still constructed of the softwoods cedar and redwood or pressure-treated pine. based on the densities of the two common wood species, a 12-foot length of 5/4-by-6 decking would weigh 12.83 pounds redwood or 10.54 pounds cedar .

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one shortcoming of the span tables in the international residential code and the american wood councils prescriptive residential wood deck construction guide dca 6 is that theyre limited to decks with a live load of 40 psf and a dead load of 10 psf. that means they wont work for areas with heavier snow loads, for decks with heavy decking materials like stone, or in numerous other circumstances.

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the dead load is the weight of the framing, decking, connections, flotation units, and all permanently-attached equipment, such as pipes, pumps, utilities, benches, etc. as a general rule of thumb, the dead weight on most residential docks that are constructed using lumber is typically between 10 and 15 lbs/ft² of structure.

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calculator instructions. enter length and width in feet. boards will run length-wise in each section. we add 5% more material for trim loss. material is generally supplied in even lengths only, multiples of 2', from 8' to 20'. when entering deck dimensions, please round up to next even length in feet; example 9'2' should be entered as 10'.

online calculators help cover deck-load requirements

because the calculator goes beyond the limits of grade, live load, and dead load in the dca 6 and irc tables, you can design decks that fall outside the table limits. for instance, if you know the dead load of the deck will be less than the prescriptive 10 lb., then you can select 5 lb. or 7 lb. and eek out a longer span.

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instructions: door and finished material weight calculator door type: choose the appropriate species from the drop down list. thickness: choose the thickness, in inches, from the drop down list. width: enter door width in inches note: enter full inches only - do not enter fractions or decimals. height: enter door height in inches

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'calculating the weight of lumber' is a detailed article regarding the calculation of lumber weight. if you have any questions regarding the methodology used in woodweb's lumber weight calculator, we suggest that you post your question at our

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it then determines the total load from each tributary area based on the design load of your deck. default is 50 psf which you can change. the total load for each tributary area is then divided by the area of each footing in order to determine the load psf imposed on the soil.

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the ledger will carry half of the load that exists between the house and the beam. the beam will carry the balance. the calculation is: 7 feet the distance between the ledger and the beam divided by 2 half of the load multiplied by 12 the length of the deck multiplied by 50 psf the load ,

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we've got deck material calculators for practically every aspect of how to build a deck. you asked for it - you got it there is a calculator for wood beam spans and deck replaces the tables and charts and makes it much simpler.

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design of wood beams. directions: enter values for span ft , spacing, species, grade, live and dead load psf , duration of load and wet service conditions, allowable deflection criteria e.g., span/360 for live load only , and select dimensions and properties from either the 2005 or 2012 national design specification nds .

deck load design and calculations - part 1

the beam will carry the balance. the calculation is: 7 feet the distance between the ledger and the beam divided by 2 half of the load multiplied by 12 the length of the deck multiplied by 50 psf the load , which equals 2,100 pounds. the deck support columns, transferred from the beam,

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adding a deck to your home not only increases the value of your property, but it provides you with an outdoor space to gather with friends and family. whether youre planning to hire a professional contractor to build a new deck or are taking the diy route and building a deck yourself, theres a lot of planning involved.

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to determine the maximum load capacity of your deck, start by calculating its total area and multiply by 50 psf. so a 100 sqft deck would be designed to support 5000 lbs. don't get confused with what weight you might think or want to load the deck with. if you drove a dump truck over it, yes this would throw all our calculations out the window.