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a fresh coat of paint. by ellen crean may 13, 2003 / 1:34 aluminum. aluminum siding will have chalky residue over the surface because of the factory finish. plastic vinyl shutters, for

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dress up homes with shutters. by rome neal are custom manufactured from state-of-the-art pvc and thermally stable fiberglass. these aluminum shutters protect glass from high winds and

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aluminum is affordable. aluminum railings are more affordable than wrought iron or steel, plus it is more durable than the two. on the other hand, aluminum may be more expensive than wood or pvc, but think about the long-term benefits an aluminum railing can provide. basically, aluminum railings are worth the investment because it can last a

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porch railings are everywhere and almost on any house that has a porch or stairs on the exterior of their home. when purchasing a porch railing system it is important to determine first what materials are available. a decision can be quite difficult especially when you have narrowed it down to either aluminum or pvc.

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the debate between pvc vs. aluminum railing may be inevitable, as these are both considered good railing materials. first, let’s talk about pvc railing material. pvc material is lightweight, low-maintenance, and versatile, thus an ideal material to use in railings. this material also does not easily crack, fade, and split.

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unfortunately, we can’t always declare a clear winner in this vinyl vs. aluminum fencing battle. in this round, the competitors are tied. pricing depends on a variety of factors, including the manufacturer, the size of the fence, and the style. generally, however, vinyl and aluminum fencing are quite comparable in price.