fabric wrapped wall panels

tackable panels

fabric covered and color coordinated, fabricmate tackable panels are extremely durable and can be tacked repeatedly with no degradation in performance. our decorative tackable panels offer the flexibility to customize your display space and can cover one small area on a wall or cover the entire wall corner to corner, floor to ceiling.

designwall panels

the fabric is wrapped around the long edges only. these versatile, tackable, sound-deadening panels are designed for a range of applications, from family rooms and children's bedrooms to schoolrooms and business offices - anywhere the rich look of a fabric or a fully tackable wall would be appreciated. they are ideal for:

fabric wrapped acoustical panels o'neill engineered systems

fabric wrapped acoustical panels fabric wrapped panels offering superior performance, design flexibility, and an attractive aesthetic. fabric wrapped panels, also referred to as absorbers are a popular and inexpensive way to absorb reverberant sound echo .our fabric wrapped panels can eliminate or dramatically reduce the amount of echo in a variety of settings, creating acoustic balance

fabric tackable acoustical wall panels- office walls

reduce noise level with the use of acoustical fabric tackable wall panels. the need for more privacy and sound reduction is a concern in any office configurations but particularly in todays trendy open office environments. fabric tackable wall panels are an ideal way to help dial-down the noise level.

acoustic fabric wrapped panels acoustical solutions

these fabric wrapped barrier wall panels offer the sound absorption value of standard wall panels combined with the soundproofing capabilities of our audioseal sound barrier. this is achieved with the addition of the sound barrier septum between the two layers of fiberglass. to effectively block sound, panels must cover the wall from floor to

accutrack systems

from architects to owners, accutrack systems is the industries prefered manufacturer of stretched fabric wall and ceiling systems. by design, the system offers a variety of solutions to handle acoustic remediation and is capable of accepting the most creatively designed walls and ceilings.

wrapped panel fabrics knolltextiles

all woven panel fabrics wrapped panel fabrics knolltextiles offers an extensive line of wrapped panel fabrics in a range of bold geometrics, modern organics, graphic designs and subtle motifs.

fabric decoustics

acoustical fabric-wrapped ceiling and wall products are custom-engineered to a wide range of unique shapes and sizes, and can be styled to compliment any space. fabric comes an array of different colors, patterns and textures to meet your specific design requirements.


fabritrak and eco-friendly, pvc-free geotrak offer over 50 wall and ceiling trak profiles, that combined with terracore poly infill and fabric, will enhance any space and improve acoustics. autem is fabritraks newest stand-alone product engineered for sound performance.

tectum fabric walls armstrong ceiling solutions commercial

tectum fabric walls from armstrong wall solutions. fabric-wrapped, abuse-resistant acoustical wall panels control noise in mixed use spaces. view panels.

the acoustical wall and ceiling solution fabritrak

fabritrak is the acoustical solution. fabritrak was invented in 1977 and quickly became the market leader in providing upholstered and acoustical wall treatments and finishes throughout the united states.

fabric ceiling and wall panels

fabric ceiling and wall panels create a remarkable environment with fabric wrapped panels. dfb proudly manufactures and installs custom ceiling and wall panels to bring your vision to life. mix and match our diverse line of cost-effective systems to design the solution that is right for you. our fully trained technicians

acoustic wall panels armstrong ceiling solutions

acoustic wall panels from armstrong ceiling and wall solutions have an inner core to absorb sound striking the surface. learn more. for commercial spaces. ceiling and wall solutions soundsoak fabric walls. custom walls capabilities. custom tectum walls custom wood walls. custom metal walls custom soundsoak walls.


fabric wall and ceiling panels track-tex, panel-tex, swell, plank, ceiling baffles. durable wall surfaces vitruv . learn more what we do. dfb manufactures and installs custom window and wall treatments for the commercial and high-end residential markets. 2016 dfb sales, inc.

fabric wrapped wall panels, acoustic panels, sound panels

fabric wrapped wall panels. we get many calls for wall soundproofing where our customer doesnt want to alter the existing surfaces. our challenge is to provide a product that will measurably improve the soundproofing and look nice in the existing space.

acoustic treatment panels a tackable wall panel

acoustic treatment panels. fabrictack panels are cloth wrapped compressed fiberglass acoustic treatment panels that are cut to size and wrapped in the color of your choice. by laminating a thin membrane on the face of the panel prior to wrapping it in cloth, the panel upgrades to become tackable and double as a bulletin board.