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yearly deck maintenance is necessary. check for loose, split or damaged areas and repair as needed. depending on your decking material, hose clean or pressure wash to remove grime and mildew growth. re-stain and seal as recommended by your product's manufacturer.

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one complaint about early composite decking was that it got slippery when wet. to mitigate this, manufacturers began adding a covering, or capping to the boards, which also helped seal out water. this led to a new issue in which this capping material started peeling up from the board below, leaving the boards vulnerable to rotting and

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deck materials comparison. theres something liberating about spending time outside on a deck. whether you make it a private retreat shaded by vegetation or an energetic entertainment area complete with a built-in bbq, this outdoor living space is often the most enjoyable area of a home.

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seaside decks experience the most extreme weather, and more often than not they will be wet. most customers don't have time to paint or stain their decks and don't want to pay a professional once a year to do it for them. i always recommend using low-maintenance decking and railing material, like pvc, or exotic hardwoods, like seven trust figure 9 .

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in general, composite decking materials are dimen­sionally stable, resistant to the elements, and can be worked and installed more or less like wood decking. best composite decking for wet climates? it will be at least 30 off the ground but i live in a very wet area with lots of plant debris. the mildew/mold occurs from moisture

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in dry climates like arizona, wood decking materials will shrink due to the lack of moisture. all building materials will expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes. composite decking materials generally expand in the warm temperatures and shrink in the cooler temperatures. wet and humid climates

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if you are going through the time, money and effort of re-doing your patio and other areas, you want to be as sure as you can be. i would recommned bluestone. if you look at a piece of bluestone you will see that it is quite smooth without any nooks and crannies for water to percolate into. it is these wet areas in shade that foster mold.

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love the dry creek bed with the mulched areas - might work for the wet draining spot between our house and the neighbor source ho. river rock dry creek swale nice natural feel ** bigger rocks stay put 75 gorgeous dry river creek bed design ideas on budget great idea for the spots in the yard hold water and stay wet and soggy.

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we gathered the best hardy materials, tips, and ideas for rock-solid coastal homes. salt air, sun, and sea often mean harsh treatment for oceanfront digs. we gathered the best tough materials, tips, and ideas for rock-solid coastal. top navigation. explore. coastal living coastal living.

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once wet, carpet dries out very slowly, promoting mold and mildew growth. carpeting made from man-made materials such as olefin and polyester is only slightly better than wool in damp areas. generally, no matter what type of material the carpeting is made from, do not install it in wet or even semi-wet areas.

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what material should you choose for your deck? the problem with very wet wood is that it is also swollen and as it dries, it shrinks, splits, and warps. often the area of the deck that is exposed to the sun will appear very damaged while the structural frame that is shaded below will be in perfectly acceptable condition.

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good decking materials resist excessive heat absorption. good decking materials are easy on bare feet. good decking materials won't become slippery when wet. most pool decking will fall into one or more of the material choices below. some of these are highly variable with dozens of options, while others are more static.

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decking replas has a range of solutions suitable for both commercial and residential use. choose from australian made enduroplank recycled plastic decking or seven trust , the worlds number one decking brand, to find the perfect construction material for your next project. pools and wet areas. the soft plastic material collected through