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cladding installation guide. 1 shiplap cladding should be fitted to preservative treated 38mm x 25mm soft wood tanellised battens. 2 fix battens vertically at 600mm centres. if fitted in exposed areas, ie high rise flats, reduce centres to 400mm. 3 when thermal insulation is required, a 20mm air gap must be provided thus necessitating cross

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the regular polyurethane adhesive will do the job for most of our panels. for our aquabord panels, we'd recommend you use the high-grab version. two tubes of adhesive for each large panel, or each pack of narrow panels, should be sufficient for most jobs. ceiling panels would be fitted using screws.

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upvc shiplap cladding is a fantastic and versatile product which can be used to replace old rotten timber cladding, or to simply to add a new dimension to any building. upvc cladding is a solid and rigid product that once installed provides a maintenance free upvc cladding solution for up to 30 years.

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set your cladding sheet face-up on a workbench, then transfer the measurements and markings from the wall onto the sheet with a pen. this includes the datum markings as well. add a 2 to 3-millimeter gap around any socket or pipe openings that you drew. set the panel down so that the plastic film is facing up. do not remove this film.

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8. attaching to wall panels always start installation with the bottom profile: j-connector or floor wall cover. start at a corner. d a vertical line. the first panel should laid set precisely along a vertical line. where several panels are used on a high wall, both vertical and horizontal lines should be used to assure alignment.

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measure and cut the shiplap board to fit the wall. using a tape measure, measure the wall on which youll be installing shiplap boards from one side to the other. then, use the tape measure to measure the same distance on each of your shiplap boards. mark the distance with a pencil.

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slot the first panel into the endcap and screw to the wall. repeat this process across the full wall. wall panels can be installed over existing ceramic tiles. fitting panels around a bath or shower. clean the area youll be working with. measure the area from the edge of the bath to the internal corner of the wall on both the short and long sides.

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how to cut cladding: all of our pvc cladding can be cut with a utility knife, wood saw, jigsaw or hacksaw. when using any hand saws, make sure you cut at a shallow angle. this will ensure you create a nice smooth edge. to ensure a good strht cut use a combination square, or the handle edge of a wood saw and mark your line before cutting.

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i am battening and cladding my bathroom and am installing a shower screen.its basically hollow pvc cladding from b and q. do i attach the screen to the battening, if so, how do i hide the batten ? or do i attach to the wall and loose an inch or so of screen in the pvc cladding.

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another benefit of pvc cladding is its durability; it maintains its colour and finish for years. pvc cladding also offers good moisture and uv protection, and a measure of thermal insulation. the most common type of pvc cladding installation is for shower surrounds.

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attach battens to the wall or ceiling at 90 degrees to the cladding planks, usually at 400mm intervals. if the battens run horizontally, position the lowest just above the level of the skirting. when fitting battens to a ceiling, make sure they're securely attached to the joists.

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do not make your gates or fences out of blue board, or similar, and then attach the timber directly to the board. moisture will get to the back of the external timber cladding and the timber will rot. add battens so there is an air space, and make sure that moisture can escape out the bottom.

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battens should be fixed around each opening but kept 30mm back from the actual opening itself. this will allow you to cover the cut edges of the cladding with a special upvc profile called an edge trim. the trim is slotted over the edge of the cladding to tidy up cut edges give a neat finish to the opening.

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nail it into the trim and studs, just like you did with the first panel. continue nailing the panels around the room, using the panels with holes for wall outlets and light switches in the right places. slide the final piece into the outer piece of j-trim and nail it in place to create a finished edge.

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method 1: use a hammer to nail the soffit to the underside of the timber. for the best finish, make sure you use stainless steel plastic capped nails or pins, depending on the thickness of your soffit. method 2: fit the soffit into a upvc channel which is attached to the wall of the house using screws or an adhesive.

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techniques for installing exterior wall cladding to your home will depend on the type you are using, but the preparation and general process is basically the same. step 1 - measure exterior walls of home. in order to get the right amount of materials for your exterior wall cladding, you must take plenty of measurements. most importantly, you need to know the length and width of each wall.

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the most effective and quickest way to attach upvc wall panels is to use a tried and tested safe hybrid polymer adhesive that has immediate grab and long lasting bonding effect. upvc wall panels add a touch of style to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or playroom providing a decorative and functional finish.

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to secure the cladding to the ceiling, you can use staples, adhesive, plasterboard fixings or screws. if you plan to run the cladding lengths at right angles to the joists, screws are probably the best method for fixing through the plaster and directly into the ceiling joists. mark out where the joists are with pencil lines.

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pvc cladding is a type of interior or exterior siding or wall covering made from the plastic polyvinyl chloride. it is fully weatherproof, relatively easy to install, and often cheaper than wood or aluminium. another benefit of pvc cladding is its durability; it maintains its colour and finish for years.