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the traditional lift works best for outboard, sterndrive and jet-drive craft to 25 feet and 5,000 pounds. an air-assist option adds air chambers under the stern section to lift boats up to 50 feet and 40,000 pounds, or inboard craft to 25 feet and 10,000 pounds.

registration form and liability waiver

thank you for your interest in our woodworking courses in order to enroll in one of our classes, we require that you fill out the following registration form and liability waiver. questions or concerns? call 610-792-5399 or contact us and well beread more

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lunmar boat lifts, boat house boat lift, pontoon boat lift, boat lift, boatlift, boat lifts, discount boat lifts, boat lifts on sale, boat lift installation, boat lifts on ebay, boat lifts for sale the lunmar econo sling kit boat lifts mount to existing overhead wood beams in a boat slip. these kits are more affordable than the regular

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when a fork lift lifts a boat, all the weight of the boat settles onto the forks, obviously. what is less obvious is that how the weight is distributed on the forks depends entirely on the shape of the hull. in his family who began his surveying career at age 16 as an apprentice in 1965 as the era of wooden boats was ding to a close

wooden boat building

wooden boat building - scarfing boat planks with a chainsaw and custom saw - duration: 5:50. tips from a shipwright 418,518 views. 5:50. : english location: united states

dockage storage boat lift agreement

dockage storage boat lift agreement. 1 all rentals, fees and taxes are payable monthly with a payment to be made in advance and no later than the 15th day of the month covered by such payment. the above rental rate is subject to change upon thirty 30 days written notice to owner.

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this page shows our boat hoist usa wood mount boathouse pontoon boat lift kits. 'go here' to see our other boathouse lifts 'go here' to see the home page. we offer more boathouse lift packages than any other site that you will find

boat lift safety: how to keep your boat lift safe updated

boat lift safety means you wont have to learn the tough lesson pictured here. apply the recommendations presented here to relax and enjoy your boating experience.. potential damage to the boat, boat lift or personal injury results from failure to follow these safety guidelines.

authorization boat lift, waiver of and relase from

boat or has authority to sign as the owners agent. the owner/agent agrees to comply with the moorage rules and marina best management practices. the owner/agent shall provide the certificate of insurance for insurance on the boat and this signed waiver and release prior to any lift of the boat.

boat building, boat shop and wood shop waiver forms

download the boat building, boat shop and wood shop waiver in adobe pdf format. view the policies and safety rules please be sure to also complete the heritage membership application form along with the building waiver below. instructions for completing all forms:

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here you will find everything you need to outfit or repair your boat dock. we carry a wide variety of aluminum and steel hardware for boat docks. call: 866-942-6349 solar boat lift kits. pwc battery charging kits. accessories / parts. solar panels. lift bunks and racks. universal bunk kits. standard duty wood dock outside corner female

completion, acceptance and waiver of claims: back to basics

waiver. suppose the contractor told the owner he would like to install wood panel 'a,' which he has on his truck, rather than go back to his sup-plier to get panel 'b,' the panel specified by the contract. if the owner says 'a' is acceptable, we do not let the owner change her mind retract

getting under the trailer bunks to clean the boat bottom

3. block the transom using cinder or wooden blocks. make sure that there is a 2x8x16 wooden plank between the boat and the blocks to prevent damage to the boat. if the blocks and wood to not fit between the ground and the boat, you may have to use additional pieces of 2x8x16 wooden plank to compensate for the difference.

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motor parts / boat lift maintenance. spring drum switch; boat lift hoist grease tube; boat lift grease gun; boat lift cleaner wax; pulleys / sheaves / pulley parts. aluminum pulley; pulley bolt; aluminum pulley / bracket / bolt sets; weighted pipes; dock accessories. aluminum dock ladders. aluminum lifting ladder; aluminum swing ladder; dock

dock designs

dock designs. custom designs. click the thumbnails on the right to see a larger image. wrap around wood dock with boat lift strht-in design. this is a non typical design, but is well suited for wide canal and lack front properties. river designs. this is a typical design for river frontage property. about hawley construction.

lofting wooden boat plans.

many plans are supplied with full sized patterns, particularly for small boats. and kit boats are supplied with the parts already cut out or at least marked on the wood. however for anyone who does need to do their own lofting, be assured there is no magic art involved. but it does take a couple of attributes. an obsession for accuracy.

lifting a boat off a trailer to paint the bottom

lifting a boat from a trailer to paint the bottom, detail or wax, or to do any repairs, maintenance, adding of accessories to either your boat hull or trailer, or for whatever reason you would need to have unimpeded access to your hull or trailer the g and g portable boat lift has come up with a portable 3 piece assembly that is easily

pile mount boat lifts 4 post piling / 6 post piling

pile mount boat lifts are designed to be installed on top of the dock piling posts. four posts, six posts, or eight post piling boat lifts available.

boat lift maintenance imm quality boat lifts

regular boat lift maintenance is important. general boat lift maintenance procedures. lift cables make sure to inspect your lift cables regularly for any signs of wear and to see if they are winding properly. rust spots, broken strands, fraying, kinks and abnormalities are all signs that you may need to replace your cables.

boat-lift blues and falling boats

boat-lift blues and falling boats. by bob adriance. protecting your boat when it's on its lift is up to you. the devices are workhorses, but have their limits. several years ago, a retired gentleman in fort myers, florida, got some really bad news from his neighbor: 'your boat is sinking.'

boat lifts: options, maintenance, repairs

a good boat lift lets you lift your boat out of the water for storage, service and maintenance and also to prevent having to paint the bottom. now, antifouling bottom paint is effective, but some of it isnt good for the environment were out there the enjoy in the first place, and it requires reapplication every few years. the other way to

swimming pool liability waiver liability waiver form

swimming pool liability waiver. why do you need a swimming pool liability? do you have a private swimming pool on your backyard? most of you must be thinking that as a really fun place to have, right? but that is not necesssarily right.

agreement and limited waiver of liability boat shipping

agreement and limited waiver of liability boat shipping this agreement and limited waiver of liability will apply between alaska marine lines, inc. carrier and shipper for transport of a boat described as a on agrees to perform lifting of the vessel from the water at its origin marine terminal,