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leave maggie and head up the stairs; maggie's room has a datacube on it that mentions her two favorite books: tai-fun and insurgent. the next room on the right is a meeting room, and the datacube on the table mentions that maggie changed her password, so it's not "tai-fun" anymore. i wonder what it could be then

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i also went to seven trust for the same thing. i ended up buying the ultradeck with uv protection (is that the fusion) i just got it down so it hasn't faded yet. however the problem i have with the product is that they don't sell 11" and 8" cladding. you need to rip boards for stairs. which you wouldn't have to do with trax.

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once they're cleared out, head inside and climb the stairs to the southwest one floor, then check the desk to the northeast to find the mass fusion executive lab password and the mass fusion executive id. open the northern door and examine the executive research lab terminal to find the location of the agitator.

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exit out. bottom of east stairs ----- barrel up the stairs as soon as possible to avoid the hunter, or use your shotgun to turn him bloodier than jason's acting career. either way, get to the top of the stairs. east stairs hallway ----- head left, and run down the hall, rounding the corner.

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ultradeck fusion 6' w x 3' h coastal cedar stair rail uh-oh. ultradeck fusion is the most fade-resistant railing system in the ultradeck railing family; made of polyethylene and recycled wood fibers; encapsulated surface technology for the best fade, scratch, and stain resistance available for ultradeck products

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keep the grenade launcher in your hands, since using the red key card spawns two more dinos down the corridor. open the gate and move strht ahead to see and "activate" a mini battlelord. step back and shoot grenades over the rail so he can't hit you but you rip him apart. then go down the stairs and take care of two flying pigs.

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post spindle handrail insert 3/4'' screws upper handrail lower rail support block #103-1/2"screws ultradeck fusion railinginstructions note:ultradeck fusion railing systems feature the same high quality materials and manufacturing process as ultradeck fusion decking. the post sleeve kits include post sleeve, ring base, and post cap; handrail/stair rail kits include handrail, handrail

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compare click to add item "ultradeck fusion 6' stair rail insert" to the compare list. add to list click to add item ultradeck fusion 6' stair rail insert to your list. sku #. online price more information. $9.91 you save: $1.23 after mail-in rebate more information. additional rebate information

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pick the novice lock on the security gate in the room beside the terminal, grabbing everything inside afterward. return to the hallway and move west, then south down the stairs. take out the synths hanging around on your right, then check the room they were guarding to find a new fusion core!

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go northeast when you reach the bottom of the stairs and talk to the knight standing in front of a building, to the west of the door; you will get [weapon data 121: astral sword]. check the east side of this building to find a chest with a [monster jewel] inside. go back up the stairs and turn west, just past the fountain.