how long does sun-proof stain last

how long will log home stain last?

how long will log home stain last? i have spent my last 15 years promoting finishes and sealants for log and wood structures. in this time, ive visited hundreds of buildings to work with owners, contractors, architects, and other various who all have the goal and desire to achieve a look they had in mind and to keep it looking this way for

how long should a wood fence last

this mainly has to do with how long the wood that youve chosen is going to last, and how soon or long its going to be before the wood needs to be replaced. natural life of wood the first thing you should know in estimating the life of your fence is the natural life of your wood.

how long do concrete sealers last

the most important factor in regards to how long do concrete sealers last is surface preparation. if you do not properly acid etch or grind the floor prior to using this type of coating they will fail much sooner. if the concrete has been properly prepared durable concrete coatings can last upwards of ten years.

how often should you stain your deck? angie's list

and how long should good stain last? john g., indianapolis. dear john: whether theyre oil-based or water-based, stains will not last long on horizontal surfaces, due to weather elements like sunlight, snow, ice and rain. wear is most commonly caused by the suns ultraviolet rays deteriorating the stain surface.

does wood stain go bad or expire? yahoo answers

i have never had a can of stain 'go bad'. i am sure to securely close the lid with a rubber mallet to prevent evaporation or contamination and store the can in a dry place. i have gone back to use a can of stain a few years later and have found absolutely no compromise in quality, whatsoever. perhaps it is the quality of the stain to begin with.

what is color stain?

how long does color sealer last? color stain will seal and color your grout generally for 10 to 15 years, with proper maintenance. is groutastic going to paint my grout? no. the grout stain is not as thick as wall paint and not as thin as a wood stain. its consistency is in between and when applied it absorbs, seals and recolors from the

how to eliminate wood stain smell hunker

in some cases, the stain may contain solvents that emit volatile organic compounds in the form of fumes as the stain dries. if you're working with stain on a project requiring that you use it indoors, ventilation and time are the best ways to eliminate the odor completely -- the stain will eventually stop emitting gases that contain the odor.

how long do cedar fences last? hunker

how long do cedar fences last. average life of a cedar fence. you can also apply a semitransparent stain with uv protection over your cedar fence. apply two coats of the stain to get the best results, and be prepared to repeat the process every three years or so. an oil-based primer and latex paint treatment may last longer.

how long will your deck stain last?

while your deck stain will only last a few years with its full protection, you can apply another coat to help prolong the life of it. however, after approximately four years you will want to completely remove the old stain and reapply two fresh coats of stain over your deck.

how long does defy extreme stain last?

another factor to consider when determining the best stain for a wood surface would be how long the stain might last. one of the best protecting and longest lasting stains is the defy extreme line of wood stains. with that said there are many different situations that will determine how long a stain will last.

exterior paints and stains: a guide to the options

exterior paints and stains: a guide to the options image: an exterior paint job can last 10 years; stain needs to be reapplied more often, anywhere from two to 10 years, depending on the type of stain. one key to how long an exterior finish lasts is how well the surface is prepared. but equally important is the choice of the paint or stain

how to get rid of strong wood stain smells home guides

allow at least eight hours for the air to circulate out of your home. turn off fans and purifiers if the odor has faded after this time has elapsed. if it has not faded, keep your home ventilated until the stain cures. the smell will persist as the stain cures or dries, but proper ventilation can reduce its intensity.

how long will my wood or composite deck last?

how long do composite decks last? looking for an alternative to wood so you dont have to deal with the maintenance? a composite deck may be your best bet. with minimal maintenance, composite decking can last at least 25 years. though composite decks have only been around for a few decades, many industry leaders believe they can last a

rust-oleum faqs

frequently asked questions and answers. faqs for consumers. from general questions about painting and staining, to specific questions about rust-oleum products, let us help you answer common questions about surfaces and coatings.

faq about deck staining/sealing spray and stain

how long does stain last? depending on your deck's exposure to direct sunlight and precipitation elements, we recommend restaining every 2-3 years. certain decks may require yearly maintenance.

how long does thompson water seal with uv protection last

some one mentioned thompson's water seal, it is good stuff. be careful not to apply during windy days as it will kill area plants. particularly if you spray the sealer onto the porch, do it when there is no wind. also mentioned was stain, semi-transparent is best as solids stains can peel quickly too. again, if spraying stain do it on a calm day.

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how to stain a fence

allowing it to rest after applying the stain will work wonders for the projects. and you get to extend the time you spend in the beautiful outdoors. this resting period should usually last for at least 24 hours but may extend to 48 hours, depending on the humidity and weather in your area.

sun proof exterior latex

sun proof can be used on properly prepared and primed new and previously painted exterior siding, doors, trim and windows. this product is formulated for application in temperatures as low as 35 f 2 c , helping to extend the exterior painting season.

what is the worst deck stain? best deck stain reviews

what brand of stain do you recommend for a deck that is 20 ft high, open sun exposure 95f to 110f temperature, that can last for minimum 5 -10 yrs? i have seen on a behr seven trust label, that they guarantee 10 yrs on deck, 25yrs on fence.

how often should you stain your deck? angie's list

most pros recommend you restain a horizontal surface every two to three years. that said, properly preparing, cleaning and drying the surface before applying a stain will yield the best results for the stain to last at least that long. you want to make sure there are no traces of sealant present on the deck.

homemade wood stain: learn to make natural stain at home

wood stain from hardware stores are chemically derived, and they smell like it. sometimes for days or even weeks, high concentrations of alcohol, petroleum distillates, and other chemicals can linger in the air.

how long does exterior siding last?

how long does exterior siding last? usually, its only a matter of rinsing it with a garden hose, eldredge says, but even for tough stains, you rarely need more than a solution of

how long does leftover paint last?

leftover latex paint can last years, even a decadeor go bad in mere months. when the paint can is bulging or the lid is puffed up, you know it's bad, says rico de paz, who oversees

how long will a sealed can of interior paint last? home

the shelf life of paint depends on the type and whether the paint container has been opened. solvent-based oil or alkyd paints can remain usable for up to 15 years if they were never opened and always kept away from temperature extremes. water-based acrylic and latex paints can stay good for up to 10 years if never opened and kept from freezing.