cheap ways to resurface your deck

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a strong power washer may be able to handle the job if the deck is lightly damaged. both are typically available for rental. this can be a really dusty, dirty job so be sure to wear masks and clothe yourself accordingly. work your way around the entire patio area with the machines.

cheapest way to resurface deck

cheapest way to resurface deck. restoring a wooden deck the pragmatist - it is also the fastest and least expensive way to make your deck look better than new restoring a weathered and sun damaged deck ron hazelton how to deal with nail pops, damaged, twisted boards and severe fading and discoloration.

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five home renovations that pay off. by amanda sterling it was tough to get a contractor to take your call, much less accept the job and charge a fair price. professional refinishing costs

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like so many other projects, refinishing your deck depends on good preparation. that means thoroughly cleaning and stripping the wood beforehand. there are several ways to clean a wooden deck, and, chances are, you'll need more than one method. read on for our step-by-step refinishing guide.

resurface or rebuild? how to bring new life to your old deck

resurfacing your deck is a great way to breathe new life into your home, even if you don’t have the budget for intensive renovations. even with a massive upgrade in materials, a resurfacing project can save you thousands over a total rebuild, while still giving you the benefits of a fresh deck.

how to resurface cracked & splintered wood decks home

to resurface splintered wood, you almost always have to sand it first. don’t worry, though ‒ no one is suggesting you get down on your hands and knees and resurface your deck with a pad sander

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looking for ways to enjoy america’s largest secular holiday? best house cleaning services in sacramento. specialty services are also available to clean and refinish Seven Trust floors and

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make your way around the edge of the pool (don't fall in--if you do, you'll lose your bees) and grab the swarm there, then head back down. actually, you can get these in whatever order you choose, but this one takes you around the level in what i think is the easiest and fastest way. take your swarms back to the sunflower, and enjoy the show.

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deck resurfacing:if you simply want to update your concrete pool deck, many remodelers are offering a coating called acrylic lace that costs about $750-$1,000 for an average-size deck. the coating