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6 genius new uses for an old swimming pool. swimming pools have many virtues, especially during scorching summers. but they can easily become eyesores not to mention money pits especially if they leak or have other functional issues.

deck jets water feature swimming pool deck jets deck is your one source for swimming pool deck jets that create shimmering arcs of water from your deck into your swimming pool or spa. we also carry a full line of jandy and pentair deck jet replacement parts.

watch this deck turn into a pool incredible things

and then back into a deck and then into a pool again. i just keep pushing the button. this is a slick, wooden deck by agor that lowers, revealing a swimming pool. how does it work? magic. just kidding, its a water-based hydraulic system. but i prefer the idea that theres an army of tiny little wizards casting spells.

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in addition to pool decking, the addition of plants and shrubs can add a lot to your backyard. evergreens will continue to look good all four seasons of the year. in front of the evergreen shrubs, you can add color with blooming perennials and ground cover.

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pool decking is much larger. decking should be large enough to accommodate furniture, chairs and maybe even a full bbq grill. your pool decking allows you to create a unique look for your entire poolscape. swimming pool decking materials. decking allows for a lot of flexibility in design. common decking materials include concrete, wood, stone more.

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in some cases, a pool deck is used to cover-up rough terrain or areas adjacent to the pool that are difficult to maintain. in these last few examples, the above ground pool deck is installed flush-under the pool top rail. in other instances, the pool deck can overhang the top rail.

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this gorgeous swimming pool features mist generation, a wave generator and waterfalls all programmed into the home's integrated control system. al capone's pool house deck this two-story poolhouse, formerly owned by gangster, al capone, flanks an enormous lap pool and offers stunning views of bordering biscayne bay.

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ultimate pool remodeling is a premier swimming pool remodeling company specializing in swimming pool decking and other swimming pool services. contact us today at 866 691-7946 for your free estimate.

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building a deck over a pool presents a challenge similar to any raised deck, so be prepared for hard work, sore muscles and a great sense of accomplishment. in addition to adding usable features to your yard, covering the empty pool removes a dangerous liability, turning it into an asset.

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poured concrete, tile, brick, and paver pool decking needs a slight slope in order for water to drain. with wood decking, water drains away between the boards so the slope is unnecessary. the slope should be one-quarter inch per lineal foot and should slope away from the pool to keep dirty water, leaves,

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and a lot of water will be splashed, poured and dripped on your wooded deck, potentially weakening it over time. finally, water moving around in your pool creates a lot of swaying and stress on a wood deck. construct a deck that can hold up to the weight and stress of supporting a pool.

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permeable pool decking that allows water to flow through is a requirement in areas where leeds regulations are in force. this has opened up a new approach to decks that utilize unit pavers of any size and shape, which shift naturally with the earth rather than cracking.

60 pools and decks to die for diy

this sun deck from diy network's smart home 2013 is built from sustainable composite material and is the perfect spot to enjoy nature, sunbathe or entertain friends and family. the refreshing modern pool features frosted glass mosaic tile, a programmable water fountain and two high-intensity swim jets for exercising.

garden decking that 'sinks' to transform into swimming pool

the decking that 'sinks' to transform your garden at the touch of a button. wood paneling can 'sink' on hydraulics stilts at the touch of a button to reveal a swimming pool. when set as decking no water is visible. can be installed inside or out, with decking or stone tiles.

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pool decking is a term that refers to the area around your swimming pool. most swimming pools feature poured concrete pool decks because they are cost-effective, but there are a range of enhanced pool decking options available. stamped concrete. stamped concrete is poured concrete composed of two or more colors. this technique can give your pool deck a classic look for a low cost.

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stone decking. stones for pool decks are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. they are great for adding a natural aesthetic to your yard. stone decking is the most popular choice for homeowners who have designed a natural-looking swimming pool with boulders and cascading waterfalls. it is extremely durable and can work with any architectural style.

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if you have a swimming pool, it is likely the focal point of your backyard. but if your pool deck and the area surrounding is not well kept, it could be an eyesore. the pool deck is the area where people gather to enjoy the sunshine and make a splash into the water. it can easily get messy if not taken care of properly.

watch this deck turn into a pool incredible things

hydraulic systems in pools are not uncommon. ive see pools that have a floor that partially raises to go from a lap pool to a kiddie pool. that is not wood. its a synthetic. otherwise it would not be a practical use for a pool floor. also, it would get no dirtier than normal pools.

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n a breakaway deck design is discouraged be- cause of the large debris that can result. n a breakaway deck on the seaward side poses a damage hazard to the primary structure. n decks should be constructed of flood-resistant materials, and all fasteners should be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

incredible disappearing swimming pool cover doubles as a deck

a convertible pool disappears before your eyes and turns into a deck by covering the pool when not in use, it improves pool safety, protecting children and pets from falling in.