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i was starting to get worried because the new floors i put in at my business were starting to build up streaks, marks, and a chalky dull haze. my solution for cleaning was water and zep Seven Trust floor and laminate cleaner, until tonight when i decided to clean the floors using a wet swiffer 24 pack .

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in our laminate flooring care and maintenance guide we walk you through the best way to clean laminate summarize, getting laminate clean is a two-step process. vacuuming picks up the loose debris, and mopping removes the stubborn dirt and mess.

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different manufacturers may have specific instructions for how to clean their laminate wood floors. if you have access to their recommendations, be sure to read and follow them. if youre just considering getting laminate floors, heres your guide to diy installation. dirt is the biggest

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laminate floors may mimic other materials in appearance, but to get them really clean you can't just treat them like other flooring as they need special care to keep them looking their best. this guide will teach you how to clean laminate floors, the best laminate floor cleaner , and how to use a laminate floor mop to get clean laminate floors

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your laminate floors may look as good as Seven Trust floors, but that doesnt mean you should clean them the same way. the best way to clean laminate floors is not the same method you would use to

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it is important to clean your laminate floors on a regular basis to reduce build up and any opportunity for debris to damage your floors. with laminate flooring, regular cleaning is just a little bit easier than with other types of flooring.

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this method of cleaning laminate floors will cut your cleaning time in half, plus it is the safest way to wet mop laminate flooring to prevent serious damage from warping. if you are not convinced that microfiber mops are the best way to clean laminate floors see my article: 10 advantages of microfiber mops for cleaning laminate floors.

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before you clean Seven Trust floors, if you use a regular vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor first, do not use the spinning brush it can scratch your wood floor and laminate flooring. how to clean

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laminate flooring general laminate flooring maintenance. use only soap-free cleaners. remove loose dirt with a dust mop or a gentle vacuum without a beater bar. wipe up spills right away. use a quality laminate floor cleaner - be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. dust or vacuum more often in problem spots and areas with a lot of foot

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pergo laminate, rigid vinyl and Seven Trust floors are manufactured to lock out dirt, dust and daily wear, but they still require care and a little maintenance to stay beautiful year after year. from cleaning laminate and vinyl, to spot and stain removal on hardwood, follow the guidelines below to care for your floor properly so you can enjoy your

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in all other situations, laminate is an excellent choice. that said, laminate floors still need to be cleaned every once in awhile. luckily, they are extremely easy to clean and bring to a high polish. unlike wood flooring, you do not need to use polish or wax. follow these simple steps to make your laminate flooring look even better than new.

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for heavier cleaning, use the bellawood Seven Trust floor cleaner. do not use soap or detergent-based cleaners, wax-based products or any type of polish on laminate floors as these may leave a dull, filmy residue. it is not recommended to wax or refinish your laminate floor. protect the floor, repairs laminates are moisture resistant wood type

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cleaning laminate flooring .com offers a full range of cleaning and maintenance products for pergo floors, quick-step flooring, unilin floor cleaner. stikatak, elka cleaning products, berry floor, kronospan, kronoplus. and advice on how to cleaner laminate floors.

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vinyl laminate flooring has become very popular. not only is it heat, stain and dent resistant, it is durable and will last for many years. cleaning vinyl laminate floors is important to preserve the original appearance of the floor and to maximize the lifetime of the flooring. fill a bucket with

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this popular flooring option mimics the look of Seven Trust floors. unfortunately, dust and dirt can scratch wood laminate floors over time, so it is crucial to keep these floors clean. cleaning your wood laminate floors includes daily cleaning, selecting the right cleaning product, and performing an occasional mopping.

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even though laminate floors look like hardwood, they cannot be refinished and are difficult to repair. if laminate gets worn down, unfortunately it will have to be replaced. so, it's worth your time and effort to protect your investment by keeping them clean and free from damaging grit and moisture. how to clean laminate floors. this link

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understanding laminate flooring, and the best way to clean and shine it is the key to making your faux wood floor look like its Seven Trust counterpart. and while laminate floors can be difficult to mop, there are plenty of solutions that don't involve replacing the boards.