float platform on slope design

basic 2d platformer physics, part 7: slopes groundwork

public static slopeoffseti getoffset vector2 tilecenter, float leftx, float rightx, float bottomy, float topy, tilecollisiontype tilecollisiontype the offset that we'll be returning is not the same struct we used for the cached data, since the world space offsets can end up being bigger than the limits of the single byte.

basic 2d platformer physics, part 7: slopes groundwork

float speedratio = mathf.abs speed.y / mathf.abs speed.x ; let's also declare the vertical accumulator which will hold how many pixels we need to move vertically with each loop. float speedratio = mathf.abs speed.y / mathf.abs speed.x ; float vertaccum = 0.0f;

floating water platforms: construction and uses viatechnik

modular construction is often used to construct individual pieces of the platform on shore and then lift them into place with a crane. oil platforms are typically fixed installations that remain in key locations. related floating vessels include drilling rigs for deep water extraction and jack-up floating designs that include a barge with legs.

python - how to fix 'can only concatenate str not 'float

i'm just a beginner and i'm writing a code to analyze some data and for that i need to analyze the slope of some graphs. i have code that was used before to analyze something similar and want to modify it. i need to analyze when slope is more that 0 and then it should register that as a beginning and when stop when slope is negative.

how to build deck on a slope doityourself.com

check to make sure your string attached between the posts is level, and then use it to mark each post, indicating where the deck platform will attach. step 7 - frame the deck frame both sides of the deck by installing 6x2-inch beams in a wood of your choice using three-inch nails or deck screws.

floating platforms - pontoons and floating systems

when building a floating platform by means of the module system perebo-small, the pontoons pt05 are laid at distance. on this type of assembly, the floaters are interconnected by means of a girder grid made of wood, synthetic material or metal. this girder grid can be screwed into the floats.

tips for building a deck on a sloped site better homes

a ledger board provides a secure way to attach a deck to a house. it also functions as an ideal starting place for laying out the site. after the ledger is installed, all layout measurements start from it. our tutorial shows you how to anchor the ledger on a sloped site.

10 awesome diy platform bed designs the family handyman

floating modern platform bed. this floating bed has hidden legs that make the frame look like its floating above the floor. its an astounding effect, easy to create, and ideal for modern bedrooms. this diy bed frame also features a unique built-in nightstand/hidden storage cubby.

facilities on offshore installations

absrules for building and classing facilities on offshore installations. 2014 iii foreword. to systems installed on floating installations such as ships shape based fpsos, tension leg platforms, spars, design and installation requirements presented in these rules are based on existing methodologies and

floating roads on peat wind farms construction

floating roads are a solution developed in scotland during the construction of several km of internal wind farms roads on very poor, organic materials such as peat. it is an interesting constructive technology, developed on a very compressible, decayed material normally considered as the worst possible subgrade for road construction.

how to solve hillside erosion home guides sf gate

1 design a garden on a slope; to create a level platform to the desired depth. build the second retaining wall when you achieve the desired depth of the level platform and level off the soil

float platform on slope design - outside wpc deck

slope to basin and vertical particle transport dynamics measured profiling floats deployed on the slope can contribute to achieving sufficient data the navis bgc float as a flexible, multi-role scientific platform for autonomous the navis bgc float is designed to provide over 200 profiles to depths of.

a guide to scaffold use in the construction industry

'float ship scaffold' means a suspension scaffold consisting of a braced platform resting on two parallel bearers and hung from overhead supports by ropes of fixed length. 'form scaffold' means a supported scaffold consisting of a platform supported by brackets attached to formwork.

29 brilliant easy to build diy platform bed for a cozy bedroom

apparently, it is a standard issue faced by many people. that is why floating platform bed has come up with a brilliant idea. this bed has attached wood to the walls, and the bed is built with the support of that wood. many prefer to turn that wooden box into ders for storage space.

how to build a deck platform on a slope

how to float a deck on a slope ehow ehow home and garden - similar to how to float a deck on a slope ehow building a deck on severely sloping ground can be more challenging than first few boards are in place, you can stand on this platform and build your way out.

offshore platform-design - slideshare

type of platforms floater s tension leg platform tlp tension leg platforms tlps are floating facilities that are tied down to the seabed by vertical steel tubes called tethers. this characteristic makes the structure very rigid in the vertical direction and very flexible in the horizontal plane.

offshore platform-design - slideshare

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how to build a floating deck - thespruce.com

floating decks can be set directly on the ground or, preferably, a bed of gravel. but it's best to support the deck on concrete blocks. this keeps the wood off the ground and away from moisture so the wood stays drier and lasts longer. you can by special blocks designed for deck support,

floating platforms: the swiss army knife of marina structures

college and club crew facilities have been constructed with floating platforms that gradually slope downward from the boathouse to the water. the low freeboard helps launch delicate eight-oar shells with as little drama as possible. design and construction. the match-cast, post-tensioned manufacturing process is state of the art.

how to build a diy floating deck in a sloped backyard

gallery featuring pictures of 29 floating deck design ideas. these uniquely shaped and styled decks can be easily built into almost any yard shape and size.

tips and ideas on how to build a floating deck - the home

perhaps the most striking feature of kristin jacksons recent backyard makeover is the island deck or floating deck she and her husband built. its a pleasant, shady spot in her backyard that incorporates the trees in its design.