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how long does pressure treated pine last in decking

ordinary maintenance. on average, a deck made from pressure-treated pine will last 15 to 20 years before succumbing to the accumulated stress of direct sunlight, rain, salty ocean breezes, insect infestation and repeated cycles of thermal expansion and contraction.

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if your deck is 24 ft. long, dont use random-length boards and butt-joint them together. install a splice board to create two 12 ft. x 12 ft. spaces instead. your deck will look better and youll avoid the frustration of trying to splice the decking over joists. a splice board will also require extra framing.

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although many manufacturers claim composite can last that long or longer, the product hasnt been around long enough to know for sure. wood decks cons maintenance - most decks need to be sanded, thoroughly cleaned and stained or sealed about every two to five years depending on the type of stain and weather conditions .

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so, youve got a composite deck. you love your composite deck. with its low-maintenance upkeep, long-lasting durability and natural wood-like appearance, theres nothing youd change about it. right? except maybe youve had your house painted recently and you want your composite deck to match the new look.

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1' grooved porch floor board actual face: .94 in x 4.5 in 24 mm x 114 mm actual overall: .94 in x 4.5 in 24 mm x 114 mm can also be used for decking applications. available lengths: 12 ft 365 cm 16 ft 487 cm

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hi - i have a deck that is in desparate need of replacing the deck boards. i've inspected the structure and it looks excellent. the deck is 21 ft 2 inches by 20 ft. the joists are on the on the 20 ft side meaning i need to accmodate 21ft 2 inch boards. the current boards are staggered 12 or 9ish ft boards that are butted up each other.

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2. how long does composite decking last? composite decking is known for its long life. since the plastic protects the wood fibers from the elements, composite decking isnt prone to rotting, decay, or termite damage. it also wont fade or wear down from constant exposure to the sun and cold temperatures.