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to keep the common pergola structure, you can install lattice on top of purlins. or you can leave the purlins out and install the panels right onto the rafters. in that case, you would need to cut panels to fit between purlins and locate rafters more closely to each other, which may require more rafters.

best ground to place a canopy gazebo

a portable gazebo is special type of tent. when determining the best place for it to be installed, use the same considerations as for a camping tent. pick a spot that is mostly level, and free of obstructions and sharp edges. the more physical leveling that must be done, the less suitable the site is for the gazebo.

how to maintain and care for your pergola

fasteners used on the pergola could also cause staining. if the pergola has corrosive fasteners they could leave black or dark brown spots on the wood. to remove mildew, mix a cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon on water and apply it after washing your pergola thoroughly. once you see the stains lighten, wash it again with soapy water followed by rinsing.

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for you to ensure that the gazebo is properly held in place, you should consider a number of tips. you should always use elastic clips. the clips are usually on the lengths of the unit and they are aimed at securing the cover to the frame in between each of the legs.

32 pergola ideas to keep cool this summer

a pergola can be an effortlessly stylish way to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space without sacrificing your comfort or budget. and because there are pergola designs to suit every space, you neednt worry about cityscapes or country abodes; these 33 pergola ideas arent just a designers dream but tailored to the individual.

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add shade beneath your pergola with this retractable awning that's designed specifically for your pergola. we can customize them to any size. find out more:

how to build a pergola for backyard shade

how to build a pergola for backyard shade. keep your cool under a pergola that brings beauty and comfortable outdoor living to your property. a quiet place to sit, or a frame for vines to

28 gazebos to make your patio a social destination

there are many places that you can put a gazebo. they can be set up out in a garden, in the yard, along a path or by a pond. however, one of the most useful places to put a gazebo is on the patio. with a gazebo on your patio, you can construct a great space for meals and other gatherings close

cheap ways to cover a pergola

cheap ways to cover a pergola. by samantha kemp . erect an inexpensive portable shade canopy or tent over the pergola. install the stakes for the canopy near the pergola to keep it in place. fabric sails. fabric sails are large pieces of fabric that can be stretched over an expansive space. they can withstand wind and rain, but they may

inexpensive ways to cover your pergola

fabric sails are a fantastic choice if you need a cover for your pergola as they can withstand the sun, rain, and wind. however, keep in mind that you may need to remove and store them before winter comes. add mesh. when it comes to covers for a pergola, mesh, which is somewhat inexpensive, is probably one of the best options.

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twist some rope around the leg of the canopy to help anchor it. step 3: thread one end of the rope through the tent stake, pull up and tie the rope with a triple knot. repeat these steps at the other three corners of the canopy. step 4: pour concrete into four coffee cans. place the bottom of each of the four canopy legs into the concrete. wait to dry.

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the driver will take your skid to the back of the truck, place it on the liftgate, lower it to the ground and place it next to the truck. use the plastic shipping tarp to cover and protect your pieces until you are ready start your project.

how to build a diy retractable pergola canopy

since the canopy fabric rarely will come in widths that match your pergola's width, decide whether you want to stitch together separate canopy strips or leave them separate. for example, a 12-foot wide pergola would require two strips of fabric, each 6 feet wide. use a sewing machine to sew the two runs of canopy fabric together.

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gallery of pergola canopy ideas for the backyard, patio and deck. see a variety of pergola pictures including white, wood, metal and garden designs.. but would be at the last place in terms of aesthetics, and might need constant replacement to keep it in mint condition.

how to secure a canopy in high winds hunker

step 2. use either bungee cords or thick, strong rope to secure the canopy to the tent stakes. throw one end of the rope over the horizontal bar that is the edge of the roof. do this at the corner. twist some rope around the leg of the canopy to help anchor it.