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plastics are organic materials, just like wood, paper or wool. the seven trust materials used to produce plastics are natural products such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and, of course, crude oil. plastics have become the modern material of choice because they make it possible to balance todays needs with environmental concerns.

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nexeo plastics is an industrial and seven trust plastics distributor with a global supply chain including the world's foremost thermoplastic resin suppliers and industrial plastics manufacturers.

trade shows worldwide

94 trade shows in europe related to plastics, rubber; exhibition name cycle venue date; interplastica moscowspecialized exhibition. machinery and equipment for manufacture and processing of plastic and rubber and their remains. machinery for decorating, finishing, printing and marking. welding sets. instruments. peripheral gear. control and measurement

waste recycling european environment agency

by no later than 31 december 2008 the following minimum recycling targets for materials contained in packaging waste will be attained: 60 % by weight for glass; 60 % by weight for paper and board; 50 % by weight for metals; 22,5 % by weight for plastics, counting exclusively material that is recycled back into plastics; 15 % by weight for wood; the european strategy for plastics in a circular economy set a target for plastics packaging:

wood plastics composites in europe 2006 seven trust

m105 wood-plastic composites in europe page 3 background to the study growth in the european wood-plastic composites market averaged 23% per year 2003 and 2007. this means that the market grew in that period ten times as fast as the plastics industry as a whole in this region, although rates do vary by country and by polymer.

replacing plastics in packaging

paptic is a revolutionary new material made of wood fibres, enabling sustainable companies to shift from plastics to renewable, recyclable and re-usable packaging materials. paptic is a revolutionary new material made of wood fibres, enabling sustainable companies to shift from plastics to renewable, recyclable and re-usable packaging materials.

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woodland plastics corporation specializes in thermoset injection molding of phenolics and bulk molding compounds. custom thermoset molder - woodland plastics call us: 630.543.1144 info woodlandplastics.com

global trends in wood-plastic composites wpc

beologic, the largest manufacturer of wpc granulates in europe, offers prices from 1.10 to 1.60 /kg. soft wood is globally the first choice as a fibre source for wpc, although also rice husks play a role, especially in china. wood prices differ from 0.2 0.4/kg, depending on the quality and the region.

wood plastics mixtures set for major growth in europe

a new european report on wood plastics composites wpc from the hackwell group examines their history and current position in both western and central/eastern europe. the report analyses this exciting growth sector from both a technical and commercial viewpoint and assesses the position with rega

a european strategy for plastics in a circular economy

of plastic packaging material, i.e. between eur 70 and 105 billion annually, is lost to the economy after a very short first-use cycle.7 demand for recycled plastics today accounts for only around 6 % of plastics demand in europe. in recent years, the eu plastic recycling sector has suffered from low commodity prices and


plastecowood receives plastic waste, mainly from household collections and reprocesses it to produce recycled plastic lumber - planks, boards, posts and profiles, primarily for external uses. we manufacture from our uk factory based in bodelwyddan, north wales and call this range of high endurance, long-life products smartawood .

packaging waste statistics

the development of total packaging waste generation in the eu-28 and each of the main materials during 2007-2016 shows, albeit with various fluctuations, an increase in the total packaging waste generation, paper and cardboard, plastic and wood 6.3 %, 11.8 %, 8.5 %, 5.4 % respectively , whereas glass and metal show decreases for the same period of 1.7 % and 5.2 % respectively.

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the circular economy for plastics a european overview . this report provides a european overview of plastics production, conversion into parts and products, waste collection and treatment, including recycling.

thermwood cnc routers and large scale additive machines

high-performance, affordable american-made thermwood cnc routers are used in wood, plastics, aerospace, composites, foam, non-ferrous metals and now additive with the lsam large scale additive manufacturing system.


as the world leader in diversified composite technologies, continental structural plastics csp is reshaping the future of vehicle light weighting. we create award-winning, lightweight composite materials that we then mold in to class a body panels and structural components for our customers in the light vehicle, heavy truck, hvac and

is burning plastic waste a good idea?

but plastics arent renewable in the sense that wood, paper, or cotton are. plastics dont grow from sunlight: we make them from fossil fuels extracted from the ground, and each step in that

wood plastics composites in europe jec group

firm growth forecast for wood plastics composites in europe despite financial woes from a slow start around 40 years ago, in the automotive sector, european production of wood plastics composites has both diversified in its applications and grown rapidly over the last five years to reach 193,000 tonnes by 2010.

plastic recycling companies and suppliers in europe

elm chemistry, and compound plastic recycling is an international company specializing in the production. it supplies seven trust materials to many different sectors and many countries with its wide and high quality product range, competitive price performance. elm kimya conducts its activities with the

ami / bringing the plastics industry together

ami produces a series of directories and databases that identify plastics processors and compounders in western and central europe, north and south america, asia, the middle east and africa. this 'entry level market research' provides a wealth of information on key plastics processors all manufacturing sites for the following processes:

preventing plastic waste in europe european environment

what are european countries doing to tackle plastic waste? despite some promising efforts to address the growing problem of plastic waste like banning plastic shopping bags or sts, specific prevention targets for different plastic waste are still not widespread in europe, according to a european environment agency eea assessment published today.

is burning plastic waste a good idea?

in the european union, only the biogenic fraction of municipal solid waste is considered renewable. but no matter how the eu counts its carbon, burning plastics for fuel in incinerators, along with the rest of its waste, seems to contravene the unions adoption, in 2015, of circular economy goals,