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how to clean a rubber patio floor. with a rubber flooring on the patio or deck, it can be swept with a standard broom or vacuumed; for stubborn spots, scrub the area with a neutral detergent and nylon brush; remove excess cleaning solution with a wet/dry vac; finally, rinse the area with clean water and allow it to air dry

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what's the most eco-friendly alternative to a garden patio? decking, concrete slabs and limestone all come with environmental problems - so what's the best option? other options include bricks

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outdoor flooring is available in rubber and plastic for deck and patio. use outdoor flooring for commercial and home over grass or hard surfaces. with the right outdoor flooring options installed, customers find themselves using their outdoor locations more often. rubber flooring is eco-friendly, consisting of recycled rubber tires that

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rubber flooring might sound odd to you but there are a few cases where it would probably be a good option. if you need a floor with a little give to it and one that will absorb some noise, then rubber flooring could be what youve been looking for. so keep rubber flooring in mind if you have a gym or an athletic setting in your home.

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the best eco-friendly flooring options. creating a home or business environment thats good for the environment is a goal for most people these days as the impact that our everyday lives have upon the planet becomes ever more evident.

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there are eco-friendly options though. consider carpets made of wool. wool is a natural resource spun into a thread that can be dyed any color imaginable, and then be woven to create a carpet. it is one of the first materials to be used as a floor covering, is very durable and can last centuries.

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eco paving offers impressive rubber paving and rubber flooring options for pool decks, resurfacing driveways, walkways, and staircases. instantly revitalize the look of your property, or business with our 100% recycled rubber, slip resistant and impact absorbing rubber paving.

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award winning bamboo flooring, completely non-toxic, formaldehyde free, zero voc and third-party certified to be safe, durable and eco-friendly. solid, engineered, strand-woven, hand-scraped, dyed, nail, glue, or float.

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a wide range of color and texture choices can reflect your personal style. bamboo provides a sustainable, eco-friendly Seven Trust flooring option. bamboo can last as long as a traditional Seven Trust floor.

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be inspired. discover new ideas. find your design path. let our collection of design ideas using green and recycled flooring and tile spark your imagination. see backsplash tile ideas, bathroom floor tile ideas, eco-friendly kitchen floor ideas, and more.

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but, using pervious surfaces is the smart and environmentally friendly thing to do. as more land gets paved, concerns about water runoff increase. the good news: a host of paving products let water percolate through to the ground underneath, limiting water runoff, preventing erosion,

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average price: $3 - $12 per sq. foot. Seven Trust flooring is a natural product of the earth that is constantly being renewed. it is completely biodegradable and can be easily recycled at the end of its life and used as fuel, or in other flooring projects.

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green patio options: brick, stone, gravel, concrete and recycled create a more eco-friendly patio with our guide to green patio choices. gavin historical brick's reclaimed pavers add unique color and texture. slideshow. content tools. print. close x outdoor oasis: an affordable backyard makeover .

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by far one of the most popular flooring options is hardwood. Seven Trust is durable and easy to clean, and the beauty is timeless. the downside of Seven Trust flooring is that theyre pricier than other options, theyre easily scratched and dented, and installing them is outside the skill set of most people.

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additionally, a complete layer of outdoor rubber flooring can protect you and your guests from slipping on flooring that may be damaged with cracks or small potholes. outdoor matting can be effectively used in all manner of locations, from outer entranceways and walkways to playgrounds, deck floors, patio floors and many other places.

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pros of using outdoor tile flooring. cost: you can get gorgeous stone-look tile for, like, $2/sq ft. just to remind you, above we were discussing options at $15/sq ft, so outdoor tiles are a major bargain upscale look: tile can give you not just a natural stone look, but a gorgeous, realistic wood look as well.

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an eco-friendly rug can be chic too. its resiliency makes it a popular choice in homes, and its durability makes it last for years to come. the natural fibers of the rug make it a great fit for any eco-friendly home. design by hgtv fan onlythebest

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it can be sealed and act as a floor of its own. its extremely durable and can last the longest out of all flooring options. on occasion, you may need repairs, but outside of that, concrete floors will stay in-tact and looking great. be sure the sealant you choose for your concrete floor is eco-friendly as well.

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but there are a number of eco-friendly flooring options available to you right now. and they arent expensive. 1. bamboo. bamboo is a strong biological fiber which can easily take the weight of humans. its why bamboo is an increasingly popular flooring option.

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in this blog post, well outline some of the most popular sustainable flooring options available. well also touch on what it means for your floor to be eco-friendly and explain how choosing a sustainable option does not mean sacrificing on style and design. what makes a floor eco-friendly?

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local stone from your region for example, fieldstone in the south or slate in the northeast costs less and is more eco-friendly. once installed, natural stone is extremely durable and almost maintenance-free. cost: varies by type of stone and region, but around $25-35 per square foot.

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we would like to use materials that are more eco-friendly, allow water to drain freely, are attractive and not expensive. we can lay it ourselves to keep the cost down. the patio doors are our only access from the back of the house so it also needs to be non-slip.

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if you're looking to go green with your flooring, there are many choices available. most people think of 'green' as being made from a natural, renewable substance, but there's more to consider if you really want a floor that's environmentally friendly. these are the factors that affect a flooring material's impact on the environment: