how to hang plants from pergola

hanging plants from a vinyl pergola

hanging plants from a vinyl pergola step 1 - select sun-loving or shade-tolerant vines. step 2 - select shade-loving plants for hanging baskets. step 3 - add color. suspend hanging baskets with pops of bright-colored foliage to add depth step 4 - hang containers correctly. hanging containers

how to hang a garden swing seat in a pergola and hung with

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19 best pergola plants climbing plants for pergolas

dont grow bush type varieties if you are growing it over the pergola. plant sweet peas in the sun and well-drained soil. grow sweet peas in warm zones in fall and winter. in temperate plant this fragrant vine in spring or summer. 15. bleeding heart

how to install a hook for a hanging plant basket home

place the hanging basket on a bathroom scale to determine its weight. if you don't yet have a hanging basket, weigh another plant similar in size to the one you intend to hang from the ceiling.

how to hang a swing from a pergola home guides sf gate

you can connect the chain to the pergola from that spot and allow the overage to hang down. 3 select beams of the pergola from which to hang the swing that are supported, ideally placing the swing

how to hang things on an aluminum porch hunker

step 7. test the security of the newly applied hook screw by tugging on the hook. if it feels secure, proceed with hanging plants, pictures or any other item you wish. if the hook screw feels loose, tighten the washer on the other side of the aluminum.

outdoor pergola lighting ideas

the last option on my list of pergola lighting ideas is to use wall sconces. if your structure happens to be installed next to the house, then you could have an electrician add some to your outside wall. otherwise, you can hang wall sconces from the pillars of your pergola on either the inside or the outside, depending on where you want it.

8 climbing plants for your pergol

a pergola is one of those outdoor items that adds so much more to your exterior living space. not only can they be used as a walkway to connect different areas of the garden, but they also provide shade on hot days and give the garden an aged or established feel.

how to hang a plant from the ceiling : 5 steps with

how to hang a plant from the ceiling : as someone with too many plants and pets, i like to hang whatever plants i can to keep them away from the animals it also frees up space on my shelves for more plants. i always hang my plants from the ceiling using a swag hook and an adjustable h

flower pot design: best potted plants to decorate your

potted ferns are also ideal for dressing up a pergola or patio area. ferns give off a tranquil like feel to any area and provide great shade for a number of locations. these types of potted plants love moist and humid conditions which means that theyre suitable for tropical like areas or areas which are dark.

10 unconventional ways to display plants

hanging plants isnt necessarily a new concept, but there are all kinds of creative ways to display your hanging plants without resorting to the same old potted plant with a hook. in vertical gardens. view in gallery. planting an entire garden can be rewarding, but it can also take up a lot of space. but using window boxes or other hardware

hanging plants from an outdoor gazebo

in addition to hanging plants and permanent arbors, your gazebo offers ample opportunity to decorate with potted plants. even bushes and small trees are within reach with large planters. smaller plants may be better suited for use in a flower planter mounted directly to the outer wall of the gazebo.


now you can hang plants, wind chimes, lights or anything else you can think of without damaging your patio. for too long people with aluminum patios had to use screws or rope to hang plants. not anymore, the alumahanger gives you a fast and easy way to decorate you patio alumahangers go up in seconds and with minimal effort

15 creative ways to hang a plant outdoors the family

hanging basket plant stand. avoid having to attach a hook to your home and try this hanging basket idea. this hanging basket plant stand is a great way to hang a small plant at your homes entryway. this hanging basket plant stand can also be used indoors. try some of these pretty hanging planter ideas to brighten up your home.

pergola planting hanging baskets

plants for winter hanging baskets. for winter baskets you can use pansies, ivy, cyclamen plant high so the root ball doesn't rot , iris reticulata, trailing periwinkle, a lime-green evergreen cupressus conifer or small phormium spiky, slightly tender plant that needs a sheltered, warm site near to the house as a centrepiece.

best climbing plants for pergolas

to grow even more plants up pergolas, trellis panels can be attached giving additional support for climbing plants. for extra shade, consider adding screening in the form of curtains or a canvas cover on top. more on growing climbing plants: nine annual climbers to grow. climbers to grow in shade.

48 best pergola decorating ideas images pergola

old post old shovel heads = rustic garden shelves. would look great with hanging flower baskets. let's get started and learn to develop rustic furniture old post old shovel heads = rustic garden shelves. would look great with hanging flower baskets.

3 ways to hang pergola lights

hang curtain lights around the perimeter. similar to icicle lights, curtain lights hang down lower and create a wall of light. staple white curtain lights on the outer rafters of the pergola to add an all-around glow to your outdoor space. leave an opening in the curtain lights so you can easily walk in and out of your pergola.