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for example, if a stair has four treads with a tread depth of 10 inches, the bottom face of the stair jacks will be 40 inches out from the deck. to this, youd also have to add the thickness of one riser, and the amount the bottom tread overhangs the bottom riser, to get the total distance the stair extends.

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stairs calculator this calculator is intented as a guide. even though we have based the calculations on the irc, you must always check with local building codes to ensure there are no variances.

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the stairs are secured to the drop blocks thru the back frame of the stairs. do not install drop blocks where rail posts or step lights are to be installed. low maintenance riser stairs. to create composite deck stairs, use the same construction techniques described for standard stairs. replace the treads and risers with composite material.

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the 2x6 treads actually 5 1/2' in depth are exactly 1/2 of the recommended tread depth and are covered with algae that will be hysterically slippery when wet. and the faux hand railing made of pipe extends just about 20 inches above the stair treads - not a usable rail height. these stairs are treacherous.

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plus do i use screws or nails? the landings are at the top of the stairs if that matters. here are the measurements: stair one: landing: 50.25' x 37' stairs: 4 steps, each 42' wide. stair two: landing: 20.75' x 9'9' stairs: 5 steps, each 9'9' all the treads are approx. 11.25' deep and 1' thick-thanks.

stairway tread width and tread nose details for stair

note that there is no maximum stair tread thickness, nevertheless, very thick stair treads, say using 'timbers' greater than 1 1/2' thick typical 2x lumber thickness might be hazardous: watch out: in my opinion a tread that is too thick might also have a tread nose that is too thick and might be a trip hazard to people ascending the stair.

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stair treads must have a nose projection of between 3/4 inch and 1 1/4 inches beyond the riser face when the tread cuts are less than 11 inches deep. stairs with open risers are exempt from the overhang requirement. this conveniently works out when the tread cut is the code-minimum 10 inches,

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steps: 1 determine the width of each stair tread. 2 use 4-foot level and tape measure to find the total rise of the staircase. 3 divide total rise by number of steps to find height of each riser. 4 set framing square and strhtedge to height of riser and width of stair tread.

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read my articles about step by step deck building. deck stair stringers - measurements, calculations, layout, cutting and construction. 12 inches. i then added gravel that has some sand in it and raised the level back up to the top minus the thickness of the patio blocks, which was about 2 inches.

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that is pretty much all there is to cutting a stair stringer. it really is quite simple. but if you misunderstand some of the math or don't know these little tips it is possible to make a mess of your deck stairs. how to attach treads

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now, some common code requirements, along with our recommendations: - the stair treads should be at least 36 inches wide. but, we recommend that stairs should be at least 48 inches wide so they dont feel cramped. - the maximum allowable stair rise is 7 3/4 inches, and the minimum stair rise is 4 inches.

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divide the height of the string by 8. divide any remainder and add it equally to each step for example, 33 deck height, equals 4 stairs, 8 ¼ each stringer stair construction. stair stringers are cut from 2x12 lumber. for exposed side stringers, use cedar lumber. make one stringer for each 16 inches of stair width.

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use tread boards that are at least 10 inches 25 cm wide. the treads boards create the part of the stair that you step on. according to many building codes, the stair treads should be at least 36 inches 91 cm long 10 inches 25 cm wide. the number of steps you calculated is the number of treads that youll need.

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stringers and risers put into place begin with installation of the treads using composite wood designed for decks best used for durability and strength . this decking, made from specially prepared compressed wood particles comes in what is referred to as 5/4 thickness. this is 1.25 inches 32 mm thick and comes in variable widths.