how to change the transom in a 1979 tracker

how to replace a wood transom on an aluminum jon boat

step 1. remove the bolts holding the plywood to the right-angle brackets that hold transom to the sides and bottom of the boat, using two adjustable wrenches. replace damaged brackets, if necessary, with brackets that can accommodate 1/2-inch bolts.

bass tracker transom reinforcing page: 1

re: bass tracker transom reinforcing not a good idea. the transom is tied into the boat and yes many people have had to cut some metal. it might be possible to replace the transom wood from the inside. the boats were not welded around the transom so you just have to figure out the sequence and repair it.

mako 1979 21' transom repair or replace?

if you then at some point need to replace the transom, you'll have a lot of work trying to separate those skins from 6 inches of epoxy to replace the transom core. i would also be concerned about the possibility of other voids or rot in the transom.

new boat for me 1979 bass tracker. need to replace deck

new boat for me 1979 bass tracker. need to replace deck. 3/4' will be a stronger build, use exterior grade plywood but don't use pressure treated plywood. seal the top and edges of your plywood with 3 or more coats of epoxy resin best or the same amount of exterior spar urethane second best .

replace transom on mirrocraft

the original transom on my tracker was 1 1/4', i sandwiched two 3/4' sheets of exterior plywood with epoxy and stainless screws the routed 1/8 off the edges to make it fit. epoxy coated the rest, that was four years ago plus, i figure it'll last longer than the original 17 years .

transom replacement with a plywood core : 9 steps with

the next step in the rebuild is the removal of the old plywood core and inside fiberglass transom skin. you will need access to the entire transom plus at least 12' up the side and bottom of the boat. depending on the boat's construction, you may be able to remove the deck cap,

replace transom

pull out the old plywood or whatever material was used and put it aside. get the proper thickness of marine grade plywood and use the old transom board to trace the proper shape. my transom was 1.5 inches thick so i got one piece of 3/4 inch and wood glued two pieces together. replace all of the bolts and screws.

1979 mercruiser 898 basic issues page: 1

re: 1979 mercruiser 898 basic issues okay i found the engine oil info in the one manual i downloaded. looks like it wants 40w or 20-40w. thanks for the tip on draining thru the thru hull under the i/o unit just need to find the pan and hose.

boat repair: repairing the transom

step 1 - dry the boat. to make any repairs to your boat or transom, you first need to get your boat out of the water and into a dry dock or a raised platform. this is to give you more access to the transom. allow the transom to dry completely before you can start repairs.

boat repair: repairing the transom

repairing the transom of the boat is a minor boat repair since the transom is the flat area located at the back of the boat. repairing the transom is not that difficult if you have the right tools and equipment. below is a detailed guideline on how to repair the transom on your boat.

transom fabrication : 7 steps with pictures

if there was an aluminum cap along the top edge of the transom and it couldn't be salvaged like in my case replace it with 2 pieces of extruded aluminum 'l' pieces. it works just fine and give the transom cap a nice finished look. bolt on your motor and hit the water. next time: building a fishing deck and installing pedestal seats in your boat.

transom replacement with a plywood core : 9 steps with

installing the new core: your new plywood core should be the same total thickness as the original plywood. if you are changing anything about the design of the transom higher engine mounts, enclosed transom, bracket, etc you may need to make adjustments to the thickness of the core. post details on the forum and we can help with this.

nitro transom drain plug nitro and tracker owners

hi guys. i thought i would pass along some info to my fellow nitro bass boat owners. i've been trying to find a transom drain plug for my 2011 z6 and it's been quite an adventure. tracker marine has discontinued the plug that i need for my boat. the plug on the bass pro site is the wrong plug.

how to reinforce a boat transom gone outdoors your

measure the thickness of your transom. remove the top rail of the transom with the screwdriver. use the hammer and chisel to remove all the wood reinforcements and the fiberglass core. when you are finished, your transom should have the appearance of an empty envelope, waiting to be filled with reinforcing material.

worth repairing rotting transom on aluminum boat?

replaced my transom several years ago on my 18.5 ft tracker. not hard to do except to get the old one out if it is swollen with water. i learned a lot about my boat by doing it and am a wiser boat owner because of it. in my case, i figured if i screwed it up i need a new boat but if i did nothing i needed a new boat.

boat transom replacement

this is an in depth video of how to replace a boat transom. this took a lot of time to figure out how to do everything correctly. the boat is a 1986 lund predator and it can be viewed on many of

transom replacement and repair help for mercruiser stern drives

mercruiser transom manifold diagrams, transom replacement parts, and mercruiser repair manuals. troubleshooting tips: transom assembly diagram for mercruiser sterndrive, mercruiser transom repair kit, transom assembly parts for mercruiser, transom leak, mercruiser transom seal replacement.

how to remove fiberglass boat transom rotted plywood board

a look at what is possible when removing rotten plywood board from the fiberglass transom/stern. there is no better way that doing it correctly. this is fiberglass boat improve construction. here

rotten transom in 85 bass tracker ii page: 1

rotten transom in 85 bass tracker ii april 24th, 2011, 03:12 pm i've just bought a 1985 bass tracker ii.the seller didnt really take care of this boat so im going through and replacing the carpet, decking and wiring. not a real big deal. during all this process i found that the wood in the transom is very rotten.

1979 starcraft v5ob transom page: 1

re: 1979 starcraft v5ob transom welcome to iboats. yes, the v5 transom is fairly easy, a bit time consuming and a good size transom to replace. if you are finding places softer then other's i would suspect you are very close.

tracker boats : about : smooth ride guarantee

deep v hulls feature a sharp v-shaped design with up to a 35-degree deadrise at the bow and up to 20 degrees at the transom. reverse chines help bite into the water for exceptional steering response. tracker deep v boat models, like our top-selling pro guide v-16 sc and targa v-18 combo,

boat transom heights

the height of the boat transom dictates the size of the outboard motor. the motor is what powers the boat so the two go hand-in-hand. if the height of the boat transom is off it can cause major issues. a reverse transom that sits too high can impact the propellers of the motor and motor bracket.

replacing a rotted transom with coosa board

we replace a rotted transom on on a 1989 pursuit 2650 with rigid no-rot coosa board coosa panels are used throughout the marine industry as an alternative to wood and other core materials on

help .transom drain plug nitro and tracker owners

dropped the boat off at mare of aquia today ..richard and ken are awesome. they are going to check it all over , install a new transom plug w/ retainer, reveal under the bump rail , replace the impeller to be safe and grease up he lower case. should be ready to go by friday ..lake on saturday.

tracker finally reinforced their jons transom

tracker marine is the only boat manufacturer that i know of that will let a poor product not only go off the assembly line and onto the transport truck, but will also turn that poorly built boat over to the buyer as a new boat, without repairing even obvious defects let alone hidden ones. tracker finally reinforced their jons transom theme

replacing transom on aluminum boat boat design net

the original transom wasn't bonded to the aluminum in that way. it was only connected with the bolts. also, somewhere on this site someone mentioned drilling out the engine bolt holes larger and filling them with the thickened epoxy and then redrilling with the original size.

1979 bass tracker boat renovation 1

my first boat 1979 bass tracker has some issue but i got it for 500 bucks so can't complain. going to do my best to re-do this boat and make it look nice. sorry got cut off at the end look for

replacing bass boat transom page: 1

re: replacing bass boat transom i will try to get some posted up soon, but i dont have my camera and wont have for a little while. its the exact same as the boat in the picture, thats a 1986 373v and mine is a 1984 372v basically the same boat.