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ultra industrial epoxy flooring is specifically engineered to resist wearing, dulling, yellowing and peel ups unlike other epoxies that fall short after just a year or two of use click on the must read tab above to find out what to look for in a true industrial grade type of epoxy flooring.

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premier supplier for commercial-grade, do-it-yourself epoxy floor coating systems for garages, basements, kitchens and more. ucoat it floor coating systems include a lifetime warranty against peeling, blistering and 'hot tire' pick up. view systems ucoat it products.

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most commercial spaces take 2-3 days to complete, however the process may take longer depending on the size of the space. our epoxy flooring is perfect for a number of commercial and industrial properties and there is almost no limit to the number of customers we can help with quality epoxy flooring.

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commercial epoxy flooring kits. imagine having a beautiful, new epoxy garage floor installed in one day and driving on it the next day. that can be a reality with roll on rock revolutionary garage floor epoxy systems.

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supreme paints and coatings offers commercial grade garage floor paint and garage floor epoxy kits for any garage type and size. our garage floor paints and epoxy are suited for residential and commercial garages including parking garages, warehouses, industrial plants and factories.

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commercial-grade epoxy floor coating for all comercial needs - museums, showrooms, broadcast studios, and parts departments. ucoat it commercial-grade floor coatings can withstand the abuses of any environment, while protecting the underlying substrate from premature wear and surface damage.

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contractors and diy folks not interested in 'kits' can and should go the traditional way. that's purchasing a commercial grade, solvent free floor epoxy like our industrial floor epoxy and optional chips separately. our industrial floor epoxy is sold in 1.5 gallon kits and 15 gallon units actually any gallon amount 15 gallons or more .

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100% solids commercial / industrial grade floor epoxy kits. this is not your big box store garage floor epoxy. this is high end, 100% solids epoxy that is ideal for commercial and industrial concrete floors as well as high-end garage floor coating systems.

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we can customize your garage floor with your choice of colors, patterns, designs, and finishes. give us a call today to know more about epoxy floor coating solutions. business owners and facility managers can enjoy a range of benefits with an industrial and commercial grade epoxy coating. industrial epoxy garage floor coating stops concrete

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our epoxy coating is hygienic, seamless, has anti-slip properties, and is easy to clean. food and beverage install our commercial epoxy flooring in the serving and production side of your facility for a stylish, strong and healthful solution. our seamless, slip-resistant epoxy coating leaves nowhere for dropped food and germs to hide.

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we offer the highest-end commercial-grade garage floor epoxy coatings on the market today. let us amaze you with what your garage can become and turn your garage into the talk of the neighborhood. nationwide, we offer the best solution for your epoxy floor coating needs.

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however, any benefits of epoxy floor paint will be very short-lived in a commercial garage setting, as they generally not industrial-grade formulations, but rather are intended for simply diy homeowner projects. in contrast, epoxy floor coating systems offer significantly more protection for commercial garage floors than even the best epoxy

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our epoxy floor coating systems are tailored for garage floors, basement floors, workshop floors and laundry room floors for home or commercial applications. you will find specific floor coating products for the type of floor surface you want to repair, protect and beautify.

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this is why commercial grade epoxy floor coatings are the go-to flooring systems for vehicle repair facilities throughout the world. an epoxy floor coating or similar resinous coating provides the sturdy protection a maintenance garage needs, while also offering a wide array of aesthetic options that are as attractive as they are functional.

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commercial strength epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings garageexperts offers a wide variety of commercial epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings for virtually any application. garage fx commercial epoxy floor coatings are bright, easy to clean, durable, customizable to fit any brand standard, and compliant with all worker safety regulations.

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this is an industrial grade epoxy floor coating. not a epoxy floor paint found in most garage floor paint kits found in stores today. you could argue the fact that this is not a epoxy floor paint at all, but a epoxy floor coating. epoxy floor paint is mostly water or solvent based formulas, made with some epoxy solids, usually 38-64% epoxy

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garage epoxy flooring kits and supplies from garage garage offers a range of garage flooring kits and supplies, as well as custom-made garage storage systems. our flooring options give professional installers and do-it-yourselfers a variety of flooring styles, colors, and finishes. our most popular systems include:

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commercial grade epoxy flooring is primarily used in what you would expect, commercial floor applications, but can also be used for garage floors too. you can use the commercial epoxy flooring kits for garage, auto repair shops of any size, wood shops, machine shops, hangars, brewery floors, food prep floors and warehouses .


WPCultra is our super high-performance 3-layer coating system that uses a 2 part epoxy primer, 2-part 100% solids high build epoxy coating and WPCultra 2 part military grade protective topcoat.. WPCultra industrial epoxy floor coating will not shrink while curing like most other floor coatings since there are no water or solvents to evaporate out of it and cause shrinkage.

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our 100% solids epoxy chemistry is far superior to low-grade cycloaliphatic epoxy formulations that others would like you to believe are good or better. they are not. only our adaptive molecular technology is specifically designed for ease of use and a lifetime of performance for your garage or commercial epoxy floor. never consider

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the commercial kit epoxy floor coating is perfect for large areas and high traffic floors. epoxy floor coatings for commercial and industrial surfaces. dont be intimidated by the idea of redoing that garage or warehouse floor on your own see installation tips. save time: epoxy-coat can handle installation for you. contact us to get started.

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the epoxytech kit is the most technologically advanced industrial epoxy floor coating kit of its kind offering epoxy floor systems ranging from garage floor epoxy coating kits up to large 250 thousand square foot commercial and industrial epoxy floor paint systems. we are the worlds leading manufacturer of polymer coatings including epoxy