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covering 1970's paneling. you can use the pre-mixed vinyl based spackling compounds, or wood fillers for this purpose. dry mix , easy sand 'hot mud' drywall compound also works well in such sitations. at least two coats would be neccessary to completely fill in the grooves. once the grooves have been satisfactorily filled and sanded, the

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drywall mud comes in dry and premixed products, with the premixed mud being more expensive, but much easier to apply. you can apply the mud by hand with a trowel as craftsmen once applied plaster to cover wood laths to form walls, but the quickest way is to thin the mud and roll it on with a paint roller.

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prep the wood paneling. before beginning the process of filling in the grooves with drywall mud, any additional materials atop the wood must be removed. this includes paneling strips which were sometimes used to cover the grooves for added effect. if there are baseboards, they should be removed as well.


i tend to agree that if the paneling is simply installed over the existing framing that you would be better overall to remove the old paneling and install new drywall. the job to tape and mud the drywall is likely to be on a par with the job of trying to fill and sand the grooves in the old paneling.

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covering vinyl walls in mobile homes with wallpaper. wood paneling in mobile homes. caulk or drywall mud would be good if you can find a paint pen that matches the color of your wall. just let it dry well before you paint. thanks so much for reading mhl and good luck

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how to cover wood paneling. wood paneling was once a popular wall covering for homes. today, it can look out-of-date, especially if it's really made from plywood. as long as your panels are in decent condition, you can save yourself the

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even the 25 minute mud i used to fill in a 4 inch gap in a wood round column hasn't cracked. but i bondo'd the edges. we cover paneling and block walls to match existing drywall often. one of my favorite ways to do this is to apply liner paper then paint. wood, drywall, plasterboard, it will stick to almost anything you apply it to. the

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how to make old paneling look like drywall aka drywall mud in our house to the paneling. i didnt want any drywall mud cracking and popping out of the groove so i wanted to try anything that might help minimize that. the hall is completely original wood paneling, and the living room has had the paneling painted over. all others only

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paneling is an inexpensive alternative to refacing interior walls. though durable, over time it becomes dated and begins to fade. rather than removing the paneling or drywalling over it, you may elect to paint over it. a problem with painting over paneling is hiding the grooved lines.

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dads plan was to take advantage of her weekend away by covering all of the existing and very ugly wood paneling in the dining room with 1/4 drywall something my mom has been asking for for a long time . in short: dad needs help, daughter interrupts normal kitchen grouting plans to install drywall. still with me? good. why this method?

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the technique that drywall finishers use to smooth an uneven wall or one that has an unwanted texture is called skim coating, and it can be used to cover old wood paneling. all-purpose joint

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fake wood paneling is out-of-date and fairly ugly, but replacing it can be costly. that is, unless you cover it with drywall compound. if you bought an older home, you may find that instead of drywall being used throughout the rooms, it is wood paneling complete with a wood-grain finish and grooves up to 10-inches apart.

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what is involved when replacing wood paneling with drywall? ask question in stores, you are more likely to find drywall mud called joint compound. solution 2 above to see if there is drywall underneath, take an outlet cover off and look around the edges of the hole - you should be able to see the drywall if it is there.

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how much drywall mud for paneling the place i am moving into has a few walls that are painted paneling. since it's a rental yes, i have landlord permission and i have quite a few other projects i want to do, i don't want to remove all the paneling and put up drywall.

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considering our options to cover wood paneling in our basement, and using paintable wallpaper to cover the wood paneling. worked so awesome but that wed still have to fill in the grooves with spackle or drywall mud. that also included painting of a separate drywall stairwell down to our basement , and painting the trim. plus, we

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tips for hanging drywall over old walls one of the fastest ways to cover old, damaged, or cracked plaster walls is to hang drywall over them. using 1/4-inch sheets, you can cover old imperfections without adding too much additional finish work. but before you decide to go buy a stack of drywall, let's take a little closer look at a few of

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turning wood paneling into drywall affordable remodeling 6 ways to cover plywood edges - which do you think is best?? how the pro's mix drywall mud and apply tape 2014 - duration: 14:11.

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if a remodeling project has brought you to the point of either removing the paneling or covering it with drywall, it may be relaxing to know that you don't have to do either. grain of the wood