how to cut end pieces for a pergola

what is end cut" prime rib??? [moved from manhattan board

iin my search for the best prime rib recs i have seen a few posts saying that the "end cut" prime rib at the palm is supposedly the best. what exactly does this mean- end cut? i would think the better cuts would be more towards the middle of the rib roast. please advise me. thanks!!!!!

how to build a pergola: pergola plans — the family handyman

cut the pergola columns to length and fasten them to the posts. family handyman. to make sure we cut the bottom only (we didn’t want to have to wait another two weeks for a new column), we flipped the columns end for end, slipped them over the posts and marked the bottoms of each column for trimming—and numbered them as well.

this is us could end with season 6 tv guide

how to cut cable 100 best shows on tv and it feels like they've watched something that is a complete piece of work because that's really how we're trying to plan it. we've had this end in

how to cook steak cuts including tri-tip, flank steak, and

cut and sold bone-in, the t-bone (porterhouse) is named for the distinctive t-shaped bone separating two halves of meat. cut from the front end of the steer’s back, the t-bone is half tenderloin and half ny strip (surrounding a vertebrae that separates them), and so offers the best of both worlds: the juicy beefiness of a strip steak paired with the succulence of tenderloin.

what is the difference between baby back ribs and

the best budget cookware options that mimic expensive pieces; the meat is very flavorful; spareribs are cut from the end of the baby back ribs, and they’re often meatier than baby back ribs. st. louis cut ribs are simply spareribs with the rib tips cut off so that the whole package is a neat rectangular slab. what is the difference

how to assemble, cut and install lintels for a pergola

measure and mark the 2 x 10s that will be used for the lentils, and then cut them to length. to create a decorative end-edge for the lentil, use a template and trace along the curve. learn how to install the pieces that make the top of a pergola. how to build a pergola.

dividing a whole ham - home cooking - chowhound

i got the last whole ham and would like to cut it into two portions,prepare the shank and freeze the butt. i realize that i can just cut about 2/3 down from the small end and go to work with my trusty hack saw. does anyone have any warnings or suggestions before i start hacking or should i just cook the whole thing and let it go at that?

slicing prosciutto - home cooking - chowhound

as to how to slice it yourself, for me it would depend on how large the piece is. if it's fairly compact, then i'd just go for the sharpest knife in my kitchen. if it's a larger piece, i would use a very sharp ham slicer of any long thin bladed slicer after i gave it a good work out on my knife steel!

how to understand the parts of a pergola hunker

they are usually spaced 12 to 24 inches apart. on an attached pergola, the ends of the rafters are attached to the ledger board at one end and sit on top of the beam at the other. with a freestanding pergola, the rafters typically sit on top of the beams on both sides. as with beams, it's common to cut the ends of rafters with decorative shapes.