exterior maintenance for log homes

what exterior maintenance is necessary for a log home

what type of exterior maintenance does a log home require that a conventional home does not? all log homes do not require the same maintenance and all frame homes do not require the same maintenance, so there is no simple answer to this question. a frame home that has wood siding on the exterior will require the same maintenance as a log home.

10 common log home maintenance myths - log home living

10 log home maintenance myths ten of the most common log home maintenance myths debunked. written by michael mcarthur. applying stain to a log home: stains are important for combatting moisture, insects, fungi and uv rays. unless they are on the topside of an exterior log where rain, snow and dirt can accumulate. the best prevention method

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now, however, asbestos-free vinyl flooring has made a big comeback due to its affordability, durability and easy maintenance. the home on the left is the wedgwood "home of tomorrow," in portland

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our website offers a complete guide of log home care and maintenance process. we cover everything from removing old exterior finishes to wood surface preparation and applying new sealants and wood preservatives to your home. please follow our links to learn more how to restore, preserve and protect your log home.

log cabin maintenance costs; the definitive guide to cabin

having visited hundreds of log homes and being fortunate to own a log cabin, one of the common questions i’m asked about is the maintenance of log homes especially the exterior lumber. whilst log cabin maintenance can depend upon site location, design prudence, maintenance and environmental factors; one thing is for sure, routine log home

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repairs every new homebuyer should make. new owners should look ahead to routine maintenance and take care of small home repairs right away to head off potentially costly mistakes

maintaining your cabin exterior

maintaining your cabin exterior the water is soaking in, so it’s probably time for a fresh coat of preservative. if you own a log home and it has exposed log ends, be sure to do the water test on those, because log ends can absorb water up to 10 times the rate of horizontal log surfaces. sealants and other cabin maintenance products

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this application provides a wall-to-wall database for keeping track of motorcycle servicing, among other things. bike enthusiasts will like hog loggin motorcycle maintenance's in-depth, yet lucid

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