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the decking joists, made of our 100% recycled plastic “timber”, is completely impervious to water. therefore it is an ideal choice for supporting decking in wetlands, boardwalks, dipping platforms, fishing platforms, jetties and other difficult and wet areas like roof top terraces. advantages of our subframe decking joists include: easy to

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composite decking joists essential composite decking joists if you want to build a base for your deck that’s built to last, it has to be edecks’ composite decking joists. composite decking products are all the range these days but if you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, read on to find out more about the solution to your decking

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composite decking joists, pedestals and fixings decking has many advantages over natural timber, including that it doesn’t rot, split or warp. wood’s inherent flaws mean that it is not the ideal material for creating structures to support decks, as for providing the floor surface to the deck itself.

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ask a carpenter: tips for building a kids’ play area in pittsburgh joists, beams and composite floor decking. finish the wood with a protective sealant. beyond wood, be aware that

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our composite decking joists are made from 100% recycled plastic and once installed, it will compliment your decking for years to come. once installed the plastic joist requires no aftercare and the product will never rot.

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composite joists from wpc decking can be utilised for most domestic decking and wall cladding projects and we highly recommend they are used in conjunction with a hard concrete base. this is to ensure that the joist support substructure is sturdy and, above all, reliable to use for the rest of your project.