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first, you need to check the floor to see if it can be painted. take a plastic trash bag or a piece of plastic drop cloth and spread it over a dry section of the basement floor at least 1-foot by 1-foot . using duct or masking tape, tape all four sides to the concrete, so no air can escape from under the plastic.

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if it's concrete, then it should be a grey color. buy a brick colored paint. pour paint into a tray. use a large rectangular sponge and dip just the base of the sponge into the brick paint. dab the sponge on newspaper to remove excess and then use the sponge to 'stamp' rectangles on the floor in a pattern that would appear like bricks.

inexpensive way to finish concrete floors ehow

painting concrete floors allows for creativity and is an inexpensive way to turn drab concrete into a colorful attractive floor. carpet is a simple method for covering a concrete floor; it is not expensive when you lay the carpet yourself. finally, epoxy kits provide a simple and low-cost way to finish concrete garage or basement floors.

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you have a few options here: sand down your floors, re-stain and seal them most expensive, most labor intensive . have your floors screened. basically the top layer of polyurethane is lightly sanded off apply a product like rejuvenate which fills in light scratches, protects your floor and

a concrete overlay makeover

interior overlays are used when a concrete floor needs to be resurfaced and the owner wants an acid stained look or a polished appearance. these materials are so versatile you can get really creative. self-leveling overlays can fix a floor that's not level. they dry very fast and can be walked on in a couple of hours.

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easy cheap flooring: concrete. design-wise, concrete has evolved over the past few years and is now incorporated into many aspects of a home, like this surprisingly elegant table or these more utilitarian designs with concrete blocks. concrete floors and counter tops are just a couple of examples.

how to cover your concrete basement floor

how to cover your concrete basement floor paint the concrete. one of the easiest ways to cover your concrete floor is to paint it. carpet flooring. carpeting is a great option if the basement will be used for recreation. laminate flooring. laminate flooring is a good option for a basement that

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sealing a concrete floor involves considering several options as well as cost. weather conditions and floor usage should be addressed. acrylics and epoxy topical sealants are the least expensive

how to cover your concrete basement floor

there are many options for covering your concrete basement floor in order to improve the look of the basement. if you are planning to finish your basement, you may need to cover the floor to match the décor and make the room more inviting. paint the concrete. one of the easiest ways to cover your concrete floor is to paint it. there are a

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your concrete garage floor takes a lot of abuse from moisture, oil drips, chemical spills and road salt as it ages. applying a garage floor paint coating or covering will not only improve the way your floor looks but also protect it against stains and deterioration, make it easier to clean, and hide cracks and other surface problems.

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the reading loft is a low-traffic area, so its not certain how well or how long a feather finish-based concrete floor would hold up over time. on the upside, its a cheap only $30 in materials and easy similar to mixing pancake batter solution for a diy floor, especially if youre tackling the project by yourself.

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for the most part floor coverings have always referred to carpet, tile, Seven Trust or some other surface commonly used to cover concrete sub floor materials. with the growth of interior decorative concrete finishes, we can now add concrete to the list of options of floor coverings for your next interior floor project.

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the space is small and a low-traffic area. the materials are a bargain, so if it failed it wasnt too great of a loss. plus, if our diy concrete floor was a disaster, i could cover it with tile or Seven Trust and hide the evidence. so i gathered the materials and went for it would you like to see how this diy concrete floor came together?

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apply only the amount that you will need to cover your concrete floor. the epoxy kit will specify an amount of time that the epoxy must sit after mixing before it is applied. you must also apply the coating to the floor in the time specified in the instructions. epoxy is applied to the floor in the same way as paint.

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ceramic tile covers small cracks and defects in the concrete, but you must grout between the joints and seal the tile against spills or moisture. rubber and foam mats rubber and foam mats make an attractive and softer basement floor, usually comparable in price to vinyl or linoleum.

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a fun project for a small area like that is to paint a 'rug'. clean concrete with tsp and water. rinse well and let the surface dry. tape off your rug and tape a design inside your rug. you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

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tile is cheap for materials cost and installing it over concrete is about as easy as it can get. you don't have to worry about minor imperfections with the floor, and is a dyi project you could do yourself. peel and stick tiles are a horrible idea,

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it can withstand floods and all manners of abuse. and it can go directly over concrete in many cases. since you're looking at cheap basement flooring options, your choices largely will be limited to glazed ceramic tile, but you might also find some porcelain tile that fits your budget.

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trafficmaster uses its gripstrip technology to connect boards together and float the floor over concrete, wood, vinyl or tile subfloors. one thing to note is that the manufacturer says that individual planks are able to be repositioned up to 15 minutes after adhesion with the gripstrips, but users found this to be nearly impossible.