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note, however, that if you are a fighter multi-class, you get the highest benefit of your constitution, meaning a fighter/cleric with a constitution score of 18 would get a 4 bonus to their hit points per composite level, instead of only 2 as a single- classed character would.

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bondeck is a portuguese brand of (wprc) wood plastic recycled composite decking and wall cladding solutions developed by rethink through an extensive r&d program. rethink began to develop in 2009, a state of the art, high-performance and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood decks and wall cladding, the bondeck essential collection, that is a visually appealing, strong, durable

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and finally a may want to rethink your strategy.i spent nine months learning all about this stuff and have a character on my team who would know about it as well(so anything i

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triple-class characters work the same way, except their hit points per class/level is split three ways. for example a fighter/mage/thief only receives six hit points per composite level (10 6 4 = 20/3 = 6.67~, always rounded down = 6). experience is split evenly between the two (or three) classes, which can level up independently.

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in the search for new, handsome decking alternatives, merbau decking has become a popular, go-to wood. sometimes called ipil or kwila, and scientifically known as intsia bijuga, this southeast asian native is renowned for durability, termite resistance, and an attractive appearance.despite the benefits of merbau decking, there is a dark side to the harvesting and use of this wood, a side that

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composite & wood decking revolution. with idecking revolution you can install composite or wood decking, wall cladding, extremely fast and easy just using your feet!the patented decking systems easyclick and easychange bring incredible benefits to any decking project. zero screws to fasten the board to the under structure, ecofriendly, low structural maintenance, cutom colors.

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-running 1/2" shims on existing deckjoist, seems like such a bad idea to me for any kind of slats.- *the surface of the deck must be raised 1/2'" . so i'm shimming up the joist using !/2"

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lawn & garden; composite decking: 10 great reasons to rethink wood durable, colorfast, and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot, composite decking is taking center stage in backyards across the country.