pressure treated vs environmental protection posts for pergola

cav: deathstroke(bpib) vs. batman(cib) - battles - comic vine

bamboo monkey was curbstomping nightwing and tim drake at the same time, in the same issue. and tim has good skill feats. for instance, he fought dick (as batman) extremely well. so tim is a

icewind dale: enhanced edition - faq/walkthrough

if you wish to post, mirror, or quote this guide, feel free to do so. credit would make me happy, an email would make me feel good. in the enhanced edition you can highlight interactable objects in the environment by holding down the 'tab' key. --> may cast protection from evil once per day per level (starts at 1st level with one use

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2019 is the year tech couldn't stop screwing up - cnet

2019 is the year tech couldn't stop screwing up. as we close out the decade, we've been forced to give up our dream of a tech paradise.

cedar vs. pressure-treated pine for fence & deck - homeadvisor

cedar vs. pressure-treated fence posts. for fence posts, pressure-treated wood usually holds up better than cedar. you can place this product into concrete for greater durability. homeowners who want an attractive, long-lasting structure often choose cedar boards with pt posts for this project. compare costs of wood for fences compare estimates

the 100 "earth skills" review: fight club -

the 100 s01e02: "earth skills". the first rule of post-apocalyptic teen sci-fi is to not openly disobey the angry douche bag who thinks he holds all the cards. the second rule of post-apocalyptic

your guide to pressure treated lumber. top questions

pressure treated (pt) lumber takes months to shrink and re-contract on and off so the paint will crack and not adhere correctly. painting pressure-treated wood comes with complications caused by the very same treatment that allows the material to last outdoors. to produce pressure-treated wood, the milled lumber (typically pine or cedar) is

4 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. #1 pressure-treated post-

whether you're building a pergola or a gazebo, this pressure-treated wood post is made to last. this high grade post has ground contact protection against rot, fungal decay and termite attacks. it also has a grade 1 rating, so it's stronger and has fewer knots than a grade 2 post.

when building an outdoor structure, should i use pressure

when building an outdoor structure, should i use pressure-treated lumber or something like cedar? ask question i'm not near an expert, but i just want to mention that there are many "retention levels" of pressure treated lumber. for a post partially buried in the ground,