how to cover outdoor deck for winter party

watch decked out episodes online season 4 (2018) tv guide

the stainless steel deck march 9, 2018. season 4, episode 10. march 9, 2018. a couple who want to retire in luxury give paul carte blanche to redo a backyard with a nice view and nothing else.

15 tips for hosting the ultimate al fresco party - chowhound

this cheese fondue will keep you warm all winter. 15 tips for hosting the ultimate al fresco party. by chow editors. june 23, 2015 edit. this is never truer than with an outdoor party spilling out of the house and spling the width of breadth of your backyard. keep the menu simple (perfectly ripe fruit on skewers), tight (5 or 6

7 essentials for an outdoor winter party

let’s move the party outside! even though the freezing cold is upon us here in the midwest, we can still throw an awesome outdoor party in the winter! here are some great tips on what you will need to stay warm and keep your guests entertained! 1 bonfire. this is a must. it’s the center of it all. where you will eat, drink, and laugh

is it safe to exercise when it's freezing cold outside

some with cold air-triggered asthma opt to step away from outdoor sports in winter, while others don't let it hold them back, but do have to make accommodations. but the guilty party is the

fall picnic ideas - chowhound

don’t pack your picnic basket away just because summer’s ending—a perfect fall picnic is a thing of true beauty. here’s how to make the most of it. the leaves haven’t turned, and it feels like summer still. there’s a whiff now and then of some cool relief, and when that happens, dive into your closet and uncover your picnic blanket. you know, the one you might’ve used for the beach.

winter outdoor entertaining tips: keeping your guests warm

winter entertaining tips: additional tips for staying warm. portable patio heaters, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are not the only way to create a cozy atmosphere for your next party. here are 10 tips for creating warm, welcoming outdoor entertaining spaces for your family and guests to enjoy. 1.

how to heat up your patio throughout the year

extend the season of your deck or patio with radiant heating. while it's something that is more often associated with interiors, it's gaining popularity with outdoor surfaces as well. systems can be installed to warm up patios and decks, or even melt snow. a professional should install radiant flooring systems.

outdoor winter party ideas for your backyard: it's a

red and white winter party featuring a multi-layer red velvet cake. source. a hot chocolate table with hanging candles is a funky addition to a winter party. note how the fruit is used for a splash of dramatic color. source. a make your own hot chocolate bar is the hit of the outdoor party. source. outdoor skating party for the kids and the

how to enjoy your outdoor space during cold-weather months

installing outdoor curtains around all or part of a backyard deck can keep out cold winds in the winter while creating a smaller, more intimate outdoor space. while curtains tend to work best in more compact spaces, that doesn’t mean they only work for small decks. use this feature to break up the space on large decks, too.

has anybody installed a charcoal grill in their kitchen

read the has anybody installed a charcoal grill in their kitchen? discussion from the chowhound cookware, grilling food community. join the discussion today. read the has anybody installed a charcoal grill in their kitchen? discussion from the chowhound cookware, grilling food community. a guide to holiday party etiquette;