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make sure the post material is rated for ground contact. to integrate a pergola into the existing landscape, theyre usually built square to the house or the nearest structure. lay out the post locations with stakes and string using the 3-4-5 method to ensure square corners.

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measure the distance between the posts outside to outside near the top end and add sufficient length for the 4x8 header b to overhang at both ends as shown in the illustration on the materials page. cut the header to length, and lift it into place on top of the support posts a .

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a nice pergola creates a look and a space that enhances a backyard experienceeven when youre not eating dinner or playing with the kids beneath it. you can see them out the window, when walking in from the driveway, or as you mow the lawn. and while the pergola explained here is built as a stand-alone,

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you have to make sure that they sit plumb. make a cutting on one of the sides of the horizontal roof beam on an angle. you have to do it thoroughly so that the rafters sit flush on it. attach the horizontal beam by using a nail gun. after that, to make it flush with the roof of the existing house, cut the two outer rafters.

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i like to make the overall length of the girders a multiple of 16 inches so rafters lay out predictably. when the girders are cantilevered beyond the posts or the rafters are cantilevered beyond the girders, any overhang shorter than 12 inches looks truncated i went with 18-inch overhangs here.

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set the blade of a miter saw to 45 degrees, slide the piece along the fence until the mark lines up under the blade, and hold it firmly in place. pencil a reference line on the saw bed at the end of the purlin. cut the corner. position each of the remaining pieces at your reference line, then make the miter, as shown.

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position inner and outer crossbeams onto the nails between the front set of posts. make sure theres a foot of overhang on either side. use your level to make sure everythings square and level. temporarily screw them in place with 4-inch screws on each end.

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we just had a new composite deck installed and wanted a pergola to cover a portion of it. my husband, cr, designed this one and set to work with just the plans in his head. it is cantilevered, thus supported by two legs on the outside of the deck, in order to be more sturdy and stable than one attached to the top of the deck.

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so you need to move the six rafters closest to the edge of the pergola in by one-eighth of an inch to make this space vanish and create a pergola that looks symmetrical to observers. if youre starting by placing the rafter by the center, that would be the second rafter from the center on each side that needs to come in.

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measure the distance from outside edge to outside edge of the corner posts on one side of the pergola and on the side directly opposite that side. add 24 inches to that measurement, allowing for 12 inches of overhang for each horizontal support beam.

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insert sonotubes in the holes, mix and pour your concrete into them, and insert a 5/8 j-bolt in the center of each while the concrete is wet, extending about 1 up. our design called for the four 6x6 posts to be set around 12 apart on the width, 9 on the depth, to provide a stylin overhang.

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diy pergola fence overhang: for those who have plans to generate your own woodworking projects at home, the web is a good place to locate different types of woodworking plans.usually it's not simple to make plans for larger projects. if you make plans that aren't ideal for your skill set or you might not even need to go started in any way.

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pergolas incorporate beauty and function to your front or backyard. they are garden or yard structures that provide seating, shade, and comfort outside your home. a thoughtfully designed pergola will provide character to your outdoor space and define a separate area from the rest of the yard.