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fence row planting basics. when planting along a fence row, balance the landscape design by implementing shrubs in addition to small trees, herbaceous plants, flowers and grasses.

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gorgeous fence planters. fence planters. below you will find a summary of the benefits, main options and some design ideas we handpicked for you along with beautiful photos. acrylic wall pocket vertical garden bromeliads stamped cement floor horizontal wood plank security fence screen-top pergola in darker stain calling back

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along with choosing a type of tree that is appropriate for growing next to a fence, youll also need to make sure your environment can support a tree. the soil next to your fence needs to be well-drained to avoid rot and root fungus, and the area should get plenty of sun so the tree can grow well. step 3: decide on your tree size

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best services designed, fabricated and installed the pergola and the complete fence system. the in-ground supports for the fenceposts and pergola posts were provided as part of the landscape contractor contract. an early decision was made to fabricate the pergola and fence from clear western cedar which came to our shop as rough timbers.

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photo of raised bed along fence line. want similar, but higher beds, with ledge for seating. this would be great because our ground is so uneven and it's hard to mow a long the fence line. image result for easy garden ideas along fence line see more

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pergolas are sometimes designed to support climbing plants, but pergolas include posts that support a roof-like structure. theyre most commonly used to provide shade for a deck or pathway. can i attach a pergola or arbor to my house? atlanta decking and fence company;

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to give an idea: i'm planning a flat roof, sloped back into the house at 5 degrees to make use of the houses gutter for drainage. my initial plan before i was aware of the 900mm limit had the pergola sitting 500mm away from the boundary, so at that point, the roof was up at 3.2m in height. fence is 1.8m high.

trellis design ideas: trellises with fences or screens

a trellis fence or screen is the perfect way to turn your backyard into a private escape. whether wood or metal, a garden trellis creates the perfect backdrop for outdoor living spaces. pergolas, arbors and trellises it incorporates small 'windows' along the top so that views outward aren't obstructed completely, keeping an open feeling.

the pergola garden - moosey's country garden

the pergola garden. plantings along the garden fence towards the pergola have changed over the years. first things were very simple - and apart from daffodils and some neglected dahlias there were few major gardening statements. but then

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a vinyl fence is beautiful on its own, but there are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate your fenceline into your landscaping. here is a look at some create ways to landscape the area along your vinyl fence.

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the fence and pergola have more than enough 'wiggle room' in their respective designs to not cause a catastrophic failure of either. a fence can happily accept a 1-2 foot extension along its entirety without being significantly compromised an a pergola can handle a big burly bloke leaning on it for some stability during an extended drinking

easy trellis to add privacy to backyard along fence line

easy trellis to add privacy to backyard along fence line. would bring lattice down further to close off gap. easy trellis to add privacy to backyard along fence line. would bring lattice down further to close off gap. the wooden pergola is a good solution to add beauty to your garden. if you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars for

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building the pergola. step one: mount steel hangers in a level line on your house and on the fence/support posts. you can usually find these hangers near the treated lumber or outdoor building supplies at any hardware store. i recommend using 2×6 treated lumber for the beams of your pergola, so make sure the hangers go with 2x6s.

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- along the fence line and down the slope, this would be beautiful - looking to make some diy raised garden beds for your homestead or garden? here are 12 different ways to do it love the lattice over top of privacy fence and pergola-type topper. do this along the back fence to shield from neighbors. add climbing plants/vines to add more

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there's no law that says the route from house to pergola has to be a strht line. the small porch overhang at the entry door branches sideways to an arbor, which in turn has an offset connection to the pergola. the result is unexpected and interesting. along with the surrounding trees, the pergola filters the sun streaming into the large

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small pergolas are also very commonly used in gardens and landscape designs and are great for marking an entry or exit from one place into another. for example, you could use a pergola with a gate along the line of a fence to mark the entry into a side yard or back yard.

gate arbor w/ pergola style top -

this gate arbor, w/ pergola style top, is an elegant and functional way to distinguish the front yard from the back yard along the side of the house. with the included gate and locking latch, the gate arbor can also help improve the safety and security of your fence line.

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the first of those was a string line, 1 1'2 inches in from the property line, where the fence would go. we then used a giant site-made square to square the posts and gate off the house to the corner post location. that done, we dug and set the end posts next to the house and at the property line, followed by the intermediate fence posts.

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hi everyone, i'm looking to build a two-post pergola along a fence line and need input on footings. there will be two posts spaced approx apart with a running on each side of the pergola with retractable canopy kit pergolas in japanese garden in carlsbad, ca two post pergola securing a two-post pergola -imageuploadedbydiychatroom