can 4 x 6 posts be used for pergolas

pergola beam span

geoff, a builder friend, once said that for a smaller sized pergola, with 4" x 2" rafters, the pergola beam span should be no bigger than the width of a standard fence panel, or 6ft. good advice! try to keep as near to that as possible. this is his pergola, with a very relaxing swing seat

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to use 6x6's or 4x4's?

i am helping a buddy build a pergola/arbor this weekend and was wondering if the ot would use 4x4's or 6x6's as the posts. it will be about 10x10 so probably not too heavy. they will be sunk with concrete. he wanted to use 4x4's. if it were mine i would use 6x6's but i generally overbuild. what y'all think?

pergola plans: assembly (4×4 post & support beams) page

install the 4×4 post to the anchors, nail them in place, and make sure they are leveled. use a temporary brace to hold them in place if necessary. cut the ends of the support beams as shown above. here are more designs you can use for the ends. install the support beams to the 4×4 post using 3″ outdoor screws.

which size of post to use? 4x4 or 6x6? yahoo answers

structurally, i'd use the 4 x 4's, then face them with "one by's" this way, you can get the look of robustness without the investment. i have similar plans, but my pergola will be 12' x 14' and use six posts to hold them. the base of the posts will be built up brick work with stucco and a stone cap.

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