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fiberglass rebar is a reinforcing material intended to be used in concrete to replace traditional steel type reinforcement. made from fiberglass rovings to give the material its strength, and a vinyl ester resin to ensure its long life, fiberglass rebar has been used for over 20 years with excellent results.

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fiberglass is a common material for decks in my region of coastal new jersey, especially when the deck is installed over living space, or when the client wants a porch roof that provides maximum protection from the weather. but when i talk to builders from other parts of the country, i find that this practice is almost unknown beyond the jersey

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fiberglass vs concrete pools however, before you decide to move forward with the installation, youll need to decide between fiberglass vs concrete pool . these are two very different styles, and each has pros and cons you need to consider.

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to help you make the best choice for your project, we've complied a handy list of pros and cons of the most popular building materials for patio construction, i.e. deck vs pavers vs concrete. some important things to consider when selecting your material: the cost - what price is the product and associated building/construction costs.

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if you hire a pro to install your brick patio, labor costs will be higher than installation costs for a composite deck; brick patio material cost: $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot. brick patio installation cost: $3 to $11 per square foot depending on the complexity of the job, and possibly more when extensive site excavation is required.

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a 16 x 20-foot deck would cost between $6,720 and $22,720, with an average cost of $10,560. patios require significantly less material and labor and can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the size. the average cost for a 16 x 12-foot concrete patio using heavy concrete pavers will be around $700 for a diy project.

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composite decking material cost: $4 to $10 per square foot. composite decking installation cost: $2 per square foot for simple decks up to $10 per square foot for complex decks. composite decking pros and cons

composite decking has improved

composite decking has been on the market for several years but has been met with mixed reviews. however, recently composite decking material has seen an increase in popularity due to changes that have improved its aesthetics and made it a green choice.

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the primary dback to composite decking is arguably the higher price tag. at $30-$45 per square foot for installation, the costs can rack up fast when compared to $15-$25 for natural wood.

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the fencing and decking alone add roughly $10,000 to the cost. labor costs tend to be around $2,500 for the pouring of the concrete, with excavation costing around $10,000. the upfront costs of a concrete pool may be lower than a fiberglass 1 pool, but keep in mind that custom features will drive the price higher.

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composite decking is also a relatively new product, though. so when it comes to composite decking vs. pvc, which decking lasts longer, and which is really maintenance free? the differences between composite and pvc decking. there is a lot of confusion about pvc decking and composites, with one being frequently mistaken for the other.

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fiberglass swimming pools are slightly less expensive than concrete pools, usually ranging from $20,000 to $40,000, not including decking or patio. again, optional features such as heaters, lights, slides and automatic pool covers will add to the total purchase price.

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below, you'll also find the most comprehensive library of fiberglass pools vs. vinyl pools vs. concrete pool articles found anywhere. okay, let's dive in. first, let's look at the following comparison chart that outlines specific pros and cons for each type of pool on a scale from one to five green is good :

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the cost of a fiberglass pool is usually $35,000 or more. advantages of fiberglass pools: longevity: most fiberglass pools will last 25 years or more. smooth surface: fiberglass is a naturally smooth surface if thats something youre looking for vs. the more natural feel of a concrete pool.

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liner replacements are usually done every 7-10 years the better you take care of your pool the longer you can expect the liner to last, some up to 25 years , and average $2,500-$3,500. this is however much less than the typical $5-$10k for resurfacing concrete or fiberglass.

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the average cost of a fiberglass pool shell is $13,000 for a 14x28 pool but can range from $9,000 to $24,000 depending on the size, and delivery costs between $600 and $2,500. fiberglass pool shell prices

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fiberglass decking is a great choice for outdoor installations. it is made from extremely fine glass fibers combined with resins to produce a high quality construction material. fiberglass has become one of the most popular materials for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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the average cost to resurface a pool with plaster ranges from $5 to $7 per square foot. for a 120-foot square, homeowners can expect to pay between $175 and $200 for materials like plaster and fittings. labor costs range from $400 to $565 for six hours of labor.

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material varieties: wood vs. concrete vs. stone/brick pavers. part of your decision-making process involves a discussion of the materials you might use. learn more about material lifespans and which decking is right for your home. deck. wood: most popular and looks natural, but also demands the most maintenance.