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allowances are used in new construction or remodeling to allow a general contractor (builder) to arrive at a contract bid (price) without having to wait for the homeowner (you) to select all the finish and/or decorative materials (and often labor) and products that most homeowners want to select.

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allowances are not to be confused with upgrades, which you pick from a list of builder-provided choices. a better refrigerator, for example, or better flooring. allowances, on the other hand, are credits for an amount that it would have cost the builder if he provided the item. there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to allowances.

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if you are talking to builders about a new custom home, you will likely find different approaches to the use of allowances in construction contracts. unscrupulous builders will specify inappropriately low allowance amounts for cabinetry, countertops, flooring, appliances, trim and other items in an attempt to create a winning bid.

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allowances in new home construction contracts the business model construction industry / by david j hoare msa / 10/27/2014 11/10/2018 in almost every new home construction contract that i reviewed as an accountant, i saw where the contractor would lose several thousand dollars in this area of his business.

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re: new construction allowance sheet i posit in my experience that cost allowances cannot be set in stone at first but should be worked out based on the customer's expectations -- for each job encountered.