synthetic subfloor for airstream trailers

replacing rotted wood flooring in a travel trailer: what

to solve this problem doug did some research on the popular rv forum, the information he got there, as well as other sites, led him to determine that he could replace the rotted wood flooring in his travel trailer in six steps: 1. discover the full extent of the damage. doug used an awl to check out how the scope of the damage.

replacing rotted sub-floor in your vintage airstream

replacing rotted sub-floor in your vintage airstream. when people talk with me about their greatest fear regarding the purchase of a vintage travel trailer, inevitably the sub-floor and water damage come up. and with good reason this is the literal ground you walk upon, the foundation upon which the interior is built, and in the case of

shell on subfloor replacement questions

shell on subfloor replacement questions - airstream forums. shell on subfloor replacement questions - airstream forums. saved from discover ideas about airstream rv. will be prepping frame tomorrow with kbs thank you to robert cross for the info on this . 1963 airstream trailer transformed into beautiful modern studio see more.

how to repair or replace rv and camper trailer floors

how to repair or replace rv and camper trailer floors. updated on january 26, 2019. randy godwin randy i have a dutchmen 2008 it has a soft spot at the door and it makes the step weak is there a blue print of the sub floor i ned too try to fix it i'm parity handy thay want 3000.00 to fix it it's to old to put that kind of money in it is a

airstream renovation: subfloor, frame and shell removal

our vintage airstream renovation began in march 2018. the task at hand: completely renovate a 24 foot, 1979 airstream argosy to be used for full time rv travels. when we purchased this airstream, it was already demod this is a good thing and had no subfloor this is a blessing and curse . in this blog post well show you phase one of the

how to replace the floor and restore the roof of an rv

how to replace the floor and restore the roof of an rv, camper, or trailer. updated on october 14, 2019 i will remove the old sub floor framing and installing a 1/2' foam insulation sheet and 1/2' marine grade plywood for the subfloor with a stick on vinyl tile on top of that. jacking up the walls and then pulling the trailer frame with

8 best airstream subfloor images airstream, airstream

a converted 1976 airstream trailer i would camp if this was mine - dreamy a remodelled 1976 airstream trailer. owned and designed by lynne knowlton a converted 1976 airstream trailer. lots of kitchen space. have no problem with using an rv. a remodelled 1976 airstream trailer. i like the finishes here but pathy probably can't pull this.


ultimate airstreams offers the ability to style your airstream with our in-house custom upholstery service. we offer a wide range of synthetic leather and fabric materials including the option to upgrade to our 12-volt heated seat cushions an innovative product from ultimate airstreams to keep you cozy on those cold and wintry days.

subfloor archives

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airstream shell on floor replacement: part one

in our trailer, the heads were practically melted by rust. repeat these steps for all the panels throughout the airstream. you may be able to slide out the rounded end pieces intact with some fancy maneuvering, allowing you to use them as templates. and thats pretty much how you remove the floor from an airstream with the shell on.

15 awesome airstream interiors you have to see mobile

the exterior is great but the real fun begins inside, and these awesome airstream interiors can attest to it. you can give an airstream any style you want and the following designers and owners have done just that. from contemporary, beach to rustic, there are awesome airstream interiors for every taste.

vintage airstream renovation: creating an airstream floor plan

you can read more about that process here vintage airstream renovation: subfloor, frame and axles. we can finally walk around in the trailer and get a feel for our space. that means its time to make some decisions about our airstream floor plan layout so we can plan our plumbing and electrical systems.

floor plans sport travel trailers airstream

whether you choose the 16-foot or the 22-foot floor plan, youll appreciate how the sport maximizes every square inch of interior space. check them out

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26' classic airstream trailer, built when wally byam was still alive, and airstream was still producing 26' dual axle trailers like this one that weighed only 3700 pounds. full head in the rear, dual twin layout. the body is without dents,the trailer in in remarkable condition for its age. prime candidate for restoration. new tires. tows like a


welcome to our concession trailer page, vintage trailer that are turned into a vending trailer. we can make an opening on an airstream all made out of alumunum the way it should be, light and solid even with the curb side. custom made to your request

floor replacement

ok, its time to start documenting the on-frame floor replacement. the floor, while it looked fine, was actually rotted out in all the usual places around the perimeter wherever there is a break in the lower channel that attached the upper body to the top of the plywood floor. airstream in the 1950s built the trailer by

best flooring for an airstream or travel trailer mavis

in our first airstream, we chose a vinyl interlocking plank flooring. this pick came after many weeks of research. do we go with a vinyl, laminate, bamboo, hardwood, engineered or cork? the options were endless. but in the end, we settled on vinyl flooring for our airstream and never regretted it. it was easy to read more best flooring for an airstream or travel trailer

before you buy a vintage airstream read this livin' lightly

before you buy a vintage airstream read this by nick airstreams are an iconic piece of american history and the idea of owning and traveling in one is becoming more and more desirable. a quick look on crslist or ebay will unearth a gamut of seemingly cheap and outrageously priced trailers all in the same spot. fully restored

safari for sale

about: airstream rvs. airstream rv started in 1929 when wally byam put a tent on the top of a model t chassis. the inspiration was due to the love of camping, but not sleeping on the ground. since the first prototype didn't work well in the rain, byam replaced it with a teardrop shaped shelter on top and added a stove and ice chest.

airstream subfloor removal and a hole in the gray tank

how to video about repairing water damaged subfloor in a vintage airstream. the renovation of our 1976 airstream sovereign 31 foot trailer involves fixing the damage to the frame which was caused

airstream remodeling parts and supplies basic components

many of our clients are professionals who work on and sell airstream travel trailers. they use basic components for their airstream parts because of our friendly, prompt service, our reasonable prices, and our knowledge of the industry. we have airstream supplies that not only make the trailers more visually appealing, but they also are easy to

airstream shell on floor replacement: part two

to secure the subfloor to the frame, you will be replacing the screws you removed. i purchased 125 floor repair screws from vintage trailer supply. these are self-tapping screws, which will help them stay secure as the airstream rattles down the road. originally, i tried to use the same holes because i didnt want to drill more holes in the

the silver snail floor rot in 2007 airstream

the only time i had anyone other than jackson center do body work was when i had a collision in texas. i called airstream for recommendations on service centers that would do the best job with the repair. airstream recommended north dallas rv, a factory-trained authorized airstream service center.

how to install subfloor

hey guys. in this video we show you how we installed our 3/4'' advantech plywood subfloor. we are really happy with this subfloor. if you have any questions for us leave them below or over on

you won't believe this 1968 airstream safari renovation

you wont believe this 1968 airstream safari renovation. by carrie todd. the airstream safari is considered a middleweight airstream trailer. it is easily towableweighing a bit less than 3000 poundsand the interior layout is deceptively roomy. she glued and nailed it to the subfloor. with a bit of sanding, it looked finished

critical advice for restoring a vintage airstream trailer

restoring a vintage airstream trailer is a slippery slope. one repair leads to another again and again and when its done you realize that a brand new airstream could be bought for the same price as the parts and labor you put into the project.

rear end separation

ah, yes, rear end separation. once i got this old airstream tradewind trailer in the yard i started looking around. hooo boy, this ain't gonna be fun. this poor puppy has a case of rear end separation and has it bad.