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clean the pergola well before applying any wood stain and sealant. spray the pergola with a translucent oil-based wood stain suitable for cedar. allow the stain to dry before applying a sealant. a coat of wood stain every alternate year will help boost its appearance. repairs

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re-staining cedar pergola in mid-michigan; originally, ben moore oil base solid stain applied 5 years ago, then subsequent re-coat two years later with same color in solid latex stain. time to change color and have so far primed with ben moore alkyd primer in bare wood spots; plan on using same alkyd primer over entire project to hide dark

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applying the stripper is the first step in bringing this pergie video: see how to build a wood pergola back to like-new vibrance.i found using a thick nap foam roller and an extension want was the fastest way to do this jobuntil later when i figured out a better way, which ill show you below.

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how to clean and seal a cedar pergola the handyman the handyman. making a pergola - duration: 6:17. how to andrea 219,078 renew and seal a wood deck in one day - duration:

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step 1 - surface prep. it is important to have a well-prepared surface. proper preparations make the biggest difference in finish and durability. for staining a pergola, make sure the surface is free of dirt, dust, mildew, mold, etc. also check for dark yellow or gray wood, which are signs of uv damage.

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in this video i refresh my family pergola by using thompson's stain and seal. took about 3 hours. how to clean and seal a cedar pergola the handyman renew and seal a wood deck in one day

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here is how to spray stain a deck check your wood. first, you will need to check to see if your deck is ready to be sealed. pre-treated wood will naturally repel water for a year or two. after that, water will start to soak in. if your wood will soak up water, it will soak up the stain and your pre-treated wood is ready to go

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sealing and staining if your pergola is made from cedar, with time, its color will change from light reddish to silvery gray.this is because cedar weathers with age. if you wish to preserve the original color then a sealant used for hard woods could come in handy.

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apply the sealant or stain to clean, dry cedar. if the wood is wet when you apply the coating, it may not work well. likewise, dirt or grime on the wood surface makes it impossible to get a good finish. wash the wood first. hand washing is better than using a power washer, which can cause damage. let it dry completely before you start.

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staining a wood gazebo can be a daunting task, but by following this simple how to stain a gazebo guide you are sure to be tackling the project in no time. by staining a gazebo you accomplish not only an added touch to your lawn, but you can also reap the benefits with curb appeal.

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a: learning how to stain wood is not hard. staining your deck, gazebo, pergola, or fence is a lot easier than you think provided you follow the right steps. with this guide on how to stain wood youre going to be relaxing outdoors with your project finished quickly and with fantastic looking results. how to stain wood - step 1: inspect

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this paint gun is so easy to operate and easy to clean and we loved that we didnt need to drag our giant air compressor out onto the patio for staining a pergola. we used thompsons water seal stain/sealer in woodland cedar, and we love the rich cedar color. it makes the wood seem so much more vibrant and alive

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although cedar is a softwood like pine, it absorbs stain better than pine, especially when treated with a pre-stain wood conditioner. indoor and outdoor cedar furniture are stained the same way.

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the only alternative at this point is to tone the wood. maintaining your cedar's color is about choices, timing, and above all, the right type of treatment. to fully understand the best way to stain or treat cedar, you first need to understand the nuances of this unique wood's weathering process.

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before you start applying your stain to the entire pergola, test your stain choice to make sure it has the desired effect. the post skirts supplied with your pergola are a great opportunity to do this. test various stains and colours on the inside of the post skirts.

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once your wood deck, fence, gate or pergola is built, you need to protect the wood from weathering and aging. most homeowners choose to apply either stain or paint to ensure the project has a long life. staining lets you see the wood grain and preserve or alter the color of the wood, while paint

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olympic max wood stain 57503 for cedar. ho will need to re-finish in a year or so, but it is a great lookin cedar stain. i have had luck with cwf-uv5 for wood that i want to look like cedar. it coats real well on pt. but for beautiful wood like cedar, a solid color stain will mask its natural beauty.

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the wood needs to be dry when you apply the stain or sealant, and a precipitation-free window of time after staining. most types of stain recommend a rain-free window of around 24-48 hours after application. follow the application guidelines on your chosen stain, sealant or paint.

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consider adding color to your pergola wood. adding color will help protect the wood while adding a little extra enhancement. use a gel stain because it wont drip. use an applicator pad on larger, wider surface areas while employing a paintbrush along the board and beam edges. work the applicator pad in a circular motion to successfully get the stain into the wood grain. make sure the stain is completely dry. apply a protective coating of clear sealant.

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always apply 2 coats to the wood for the best results. you may use sprayer, brush, or rollers when applying wood stain. apply a heavily-saturated first coat on the wood and allow the stain to penetrate until only a few or no wet areas are visible. then apply a lighter second coat.

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cedar pergola stain cheap, with a pergola in connection to build a deck staining a custom western red cedar siding cedar pergola with installation in the stain a beautiful and care for any outdoor space while providing shade and masterlevel blueprints or gazebo along with superior posts and stain to any personal injury or backyard.

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if you are looking for ways to maintain or restore a pergola and keep it in astounding shape for years to come, here are a few basic tips that can help. maintaining a pergola. traditionally, pergolas are built from cedar wood which is strong and can last for many years.

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during the planning and design phase of the cedar pergola, most people choose to add decorative touches to the canopy beam ends. to create a decorative end, perfect your design on paper then use it as a template to transfer your design to the beam itself. cut, and then sand the edges to create a smooth finish.

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step 3 - staining cedar wood you're now ready to begin the third step, the staining. when applying the deck stain, youll want to use either a paintbrush or a paint roller. remember to apply the stain with the grain, instead of against the grain. lastly, youll want to take your paintbrush and fill in any corners, joints, seams, and edges

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rotate the lumber and apply stain in the same way on all four sides, allowing thorough drying between applications. when the stain has thoroughly dried on all sides of your lumber, youre ready to install the rafters onto your wood pergola.

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there are advantages to wood, vinyl, and cedar pergolas thats why we build and sell all three. pressure treated wood pergolas the greatest number of color options paired with the most budget-friendly price its easy to see why pressure treated wood is one of the best pergola materials on the market.