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sacramento county waste management

sacramento recycling and transfer station; contact us; sacramento county. waste management provides high quality refuse and recycling collection services to local residents and businesses. we are justifiably proud of taking care of our customers, while working to keep efficient operations and fair rates. we have worked well with our local

garbage and recycling rates may soon cost sacramento

garbage and recycling rates may soon cost sacramento residents an extra 12 dollars a month. sacramento cbs13 the city of sacramento may start charging residents an additional 12 dollars and 33 cents a month to cover garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection, along with street sweeping.

curbside garbage collection

residents in our service area receive: curbside garbage collection service every week. garbage carts in three sizes, 30, 60, 90 gallons. different size carts upon request by completing a customer service online form. additional carts are available for an additional cost.

waste disposal and recycling for home waste management

waste management offers a variety of roll-offs for almost any need. with competitive pricing and the most reliable service in the business, you can be sure that no matter the amount of waste, we can help you dispose of it. get a dumpster. residential waste and recycling pickup.

folsom water, sewer, garbage rates may increase. heres

in five years, garbage rates could more than double: by 2024, the average home with a 64-gallon garbage cart could be charged $46.50 per month.

folsom, ca

residential rates. the rates are dependent on the size of your garbage cart. the following rates include the garbage, recycling and green waste carts; household hazardous waste collection and neighborhood cleanup service. the first and second green waste and recycling carts are included in your solid waste rates.

beverage container recycling

recycling rates. biannual report of beverage container sales, returns, redemption, and recycling rates. important consumer refund info. crv redemption. california refund value crv is the amount paid by consumers at the checkout stand and paid back to consumers when they recycle eligible aluminum, plastic, glass and bi-metal beverage

monthly sewer rates

the sacramento area sewer district sasd offers eligible low-income customers a savings of $18.75 to $25 per year on the local wastewater collection portion of their sewer bill, depending on the type of dwelling.

monthly sewer rates

the sacramento area sewer district sasd offers eligible low-income customers a savings of $18.75 to $25 per year on the local wastewater collection portion of their sewer bill, depending on the type of dwelling. to learn more about sasds rate assistance program, click here. additionally,

proposal to increase sacramento trash rate moves forward

the sacramento utilities rate advisory commission approved wednesday a potential rate hike to trash services in the city. in a 6-2 vote, the commissioners approved the measure that would add $12 a

florin perkins public disposal site zanker recycling

florin perkins public disposal site fpds is the only third party certified transfer facility in the sacramento area. florin perkins is certified by the recycling certification institute for c and d construction and demolition and the sacramento regional solid waste authority swa . at florin perkins we recycle 75-95% of all construction and demolition debris. we exceed all local recycling

neighbors lament proposed sacramento garbage rate hike

sacramento -- the city of sacramento hasn't raised garbage rates since 2015, but the proposed increases of around $3 a year for the next three and half years is a stunner for some homeowners. homeowner ron charles says a $12 a month increase for someone on a fixed income is hard to swallow.

rates and fees

the sacramento county water agency is now offering eligible low income property owners a discount of up to $84 per year on their water bills through the water lifeline rate assistance program. even if you are currently receiving a discount on your sewer bill through the sewer lifeline rate assistance program, you may also be eligible for a discount of up to $84 a year on your water bill.

garbage/trash collection

for more information, view the curbside garbage collection page. service provided by: waste management and recycling 9850 goethe road sacramento, ca 95827 311 or outside of unincorporated sacramento county areas: 916-875-4311 or e-mail. you may also be interested in curbside collection service rates how do i get rid of..

utilities and residential services

the sacramento area sewer district sasd is a sewer utility providing service to more than one million people in the sacramento region, including the unincorporated areas of sacramento county, the cities of citrus heights, rancho cordova, and elk grove, as well as portions of the cities of folsom and sacramento. we serve residential, commercial and industrial customers.

sacramento considers raising garbage fees

brandi: the city of sacramento is proposing a garbage, recycle -- recycling and yard waste , collection rate increase for the next 3.5 years. if the proposal is approved, customers on average could see a $12 increase in their bills by the year 2022.

calrecycle home page

recycling center closures. replanet llc recently closed 281 crv take-back centers. calrecycle has compiled information about the closures.consumers can search on our beverage container recycling centers webpage for a nearby take-back center. we also have a list of retailers that redeem in-store.. learn more

waste management and recycling

some common items cannot be accepted in sacramento county recycling carts: film plastics, like plastic bags, plastic food wrap, plastic food storage bags, bubble wrap , etc. goes in the garbage cart. shredded paper which must be bagged and placed in your garbage cart to prevent windblown litter .

monthly rates

as a result, in may 2019, our board rescinded previously approved rate increases for the last three years of the five-year rate increase plan fy 2019, fy 2020, and fy 2021 . that means rates will stay at current levels through june 30, 2022. rates for residential and commercial customers per single-family dwelling unit

garbage and recycling rates may soon cost sacramento

the city of sacramento may start charging residents an additional 12 dollars and 33 cents a month to cover garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection, along with street sweeping. katie johnston

folsom, ca

residential collection monthly rates; 64-gallon garbage cart: $26.00: 96-gallon garbage cart : $29.50: 64-gallon garbage cart low-income $18.00: 96-gallon garbage cart low-income $21.50: 64-gallon garbage cart mobile home community $21.50: 96-gallon garbage cart mobile home community $25.00: 64-gallon garbage cart low-income, mobile home community


utilities news. the department of utilities is installing a large-diameter pipeline to upgrade a portion of its sewer system that will eventually connect the railyards, a 244-acre infill development on the northeast corner of downtown sacramento, to the citys existing sewer system.

waste management and recycling atlas disposal

for all of your waste management needs be sure to contact atlas disposal today we are conveniently located in the sacramento, ca and salt lake city, ut areas. give us a call today

rate assistance

the sacramento county department of waste management and recycling and the sacramento county water agency offer a $5.00 and $7.00 per month rate assistance credit respectively on the utility bill for qualifying customers. if you receive both utility services from sacramento county, you could receive rate assistance of up to $144.00 a year.

sacramento county garbage rates

sacramento county garbage rates abey january 9, 2019 leave a comment city council roves contract with cal waste news waste management and recycling 2019 garbage disposal repair calculator elk grove trash rate increases need a full vetting the sacramento bee waste management sacramento green

recycling and solid waste

use the sacrecycle app . the city of sacramento has a free sacrecycle app designed to provide quick access for information such as: recycling and street sweeping calendars and reminder notifications, plus the waste wizard a database of hundreds of household items and proper disposal methods in sacramento.

scrap metal prices per pound lb california current scrap

scrap metal recycling prices california: copper: $0.14 to $2.25 per lb: copper wire: $0.30 to $1.50 per lb: aluminum: $0.04 to $0.92 per lb: aluminum cans: $0.42 to $0.55 per lb: brass: $0.50 to $1.45 per lb: stainless steel: $0.17 to $0.57 per lb: iron: $0.02 to $0.05 per lb: titanium: $0.05 to $0.10 per lb: lead: $0.09 to $0.68 per lb: steel case battery: $0.19 to $0.21 per lb