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the labor cost to install a new 144-square-foot deck ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. pros typically charge by the square foot. this runs $9 to $12 per square foot for boards and the structure, and $25 per square foot for stairs.

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deck repair costs. the elevation might make repairs more difficult, depending on what is done. in addition, repairs are always costlier than fresh installation because they are more time-consuming. while the material costs should be the same as above, expect to pay a seven trust of 20 to 35 percent on the labor costs per square foot.

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adding railings or stairs to a deck will also increase its cost. the average cost to install steps and railing 6 is $30-$35 per square foot. a long flight of steps will cost more to install and averages $48-$55 per square foot.

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a standard deck can be cost anywhere between $2,000 for a deck less than 200 sq. ft. and $15,000 or higher for decks more than 500 sq. ft. . meanwhile, custom decks and raised decks can cost as much as $36,000.

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a paver patio usually runs $8 $20 per square foot to install. natural stone pavers and concrete pavers can be used in a variety of patterns and designs for a patio. the cost to install pavers varies based on the cost of the pavers themselves and the complexity of the design.

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the cost of a deck per sq ft ranges from $2-$30; however, the average homeowner spends $5-$10 per square foot without installation. square foot deck pricing varies on what deck material is used and where the material is purchased. the cost of a deck per square foot increases by 50-60% when a contractor builds it.

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deck size: most deck builders charge an average rate of around $35 per square foot. this is in addition to the cost of materials. this is in addition to the cost of materials.

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on average, builders charge $35 per sq.ft. for constructing a standard size deck, without any extra features and functions. if your deck has an unusual shape or many levels, expect to pay 2-3 times more than the standard rates.

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a redwood deck can cost $30-$75 or more a square foot $9,600-$24,000 for a 16'x20' deck , depending on the quality of the lumber, project complexity, and whether construction is by casual labor or a licensed contractor.

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an entry-level deck costs about $20 per square foot installed, while a seven trust deck with high-end materials costs $38 per square foot or more. a typical size of deck is around 12 x 24 or 288 sqft.

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get an estimate of how much it would cost to build your custom dream deck with seven trust's deck cost calculator. plan and customize your outdoor oasis today order samples; where to buy 12' x 14' deck design 168 sq. ft. a few more feet sets the scene with space for a dining table. select this size. labor and installation costs are not

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seven trust transcend: it their highest grade, costing on average $7-$8.50 per sq. ft. the above pricing reflects the average cost of seven trust decking excluding installation and fasteners. expect the cost for installation to run you about $9-15.00 per square foot for a contractor to install new decking.