what type of pergola material should i use

choosing the best material to build your garden gazebo

when choosing the best material to use, consider the climate where you live and how it will affect the type of material your gazebo is made out of. metal, brick or stone should be used in a more humid climate whereas cloth and open metal work should be used in dryer environments.

pergola construction secrets for a perfect pergola design

only use quality fixtures, bolts and scews that are recommended for the type of wood your use. as long as you are determined to build a pergola construction to code - that compliments your home, that is made of quality materials and of a well designed pergola building plan, this should turn out to be a successful home improvement project that you and all the family can really enjoy.

gazebo guide: an overview of materials

a type of gazebo often found in public parks, vinyl gazebos are often equipped with several pillars, adjacent fencing, and roofing shingles. vinyl gazebos tend to have the charm and elegance of a wooden structure, but with easier installation and maintenance youll never have to stain, seal, or treat these gazebos.

how to build a pergola

also, even though ours is larger we will work with a 10ft x 10 ft example, this should be the easiest for you to convert lumber lengths to the appropriate size for what you wish to build. you can use whichever type of lumber you would prefer. this just depends on the look you are going for. our pergola was made from southern pine.

what are the different types of pergola fabric? with

when choosing a pergola fabric, it helps to use a heavyweight material that will withstand strong winds and loads due to snow, while still having the flexibility to move with the breeze. many types of pergola fabric are treated to resist ultraviolet light from the suns rays, which can cause colors to fade and material to wear out, in addition to damaging furniture within the pergola.

diy pergola plans how to plan and post a pergola

materials and design it's just four posts and some boards, but a pergola must stand plumb, level and square through all kinds of weather. i chose attractive, naturally rot-resistant western red

what is a pergola? the purpose, benefits, and types of

types of pergola designs. while there are several different types of pergola designs, each one adheres to a primary form and function that separate the pergola from an arbor, a gazebo, and other backyard structures. one of the most common mix-ups in backyard architecture is the pergola vs. arbor.

what material should i use for my backyard pergola?

the most common building materials for pergolas are wood, metal such as steel or aluminum , or an artificial substance such as vinyl or fiberglass. if youre still undecided on which route to take, consider the following aspects of each:

wood pergolas

if you choose wood for your pergola, terry notes that you can use different types of wood, and stain them to match. because different types of wood stain differently, youll need to stain each type of wood with a different color in order for them to look the same in the end.

pergola kits

structureworks aluminum provides the ultimate in pergola design flexibility. from ultra modern pergola designs to timeless classics, this almost indestructible material is a visually stunning and architecturally capable medium to compliment your design. creative pergola design options include curves, cantilevers,