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i'm looking to replace the apitong wood decking on our lowboy trailer. the apitong is 1 1/4' thick. i can replace the apitong at about $6-8/lf of 8' wide board or get elm or white oak for about a $1/bf for 2' thick. i only haul my own equipment. the trailer is a 51 ton detachable and the heavies excavator i have is a 27 metric ton.

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our decking is made from a wood-free material that keeps the attractive appearance of natural timber, but without the disadvantages. each decking board is moulded from painstakingly sourced timber samples that showcase the beauty of natural wood grain .

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theres no need to regularly stain or treat youre a wood composite deck, which is an environmentally friendly lumber substitute. a downside to wood plastic composite decking is that, while its made to have a similar appearance to timber, this is not always the case and many options it can look cheap or fake. it is also not resistant to mold or mildew, therefore making it less appealing for decks that will be exposed to rain or are located near pool areas.

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silica system decking is the footprint for a more beautiful deck than a traditional wood decking. silca system decking is a plastic tray system that allows you to lay any number of materials over it. your raised wood deck can be transformed into a slate, tiled, paver, stone or any other type of deck, or make your deck a combination of materials

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synthetic wood has been a growing market over the past decade and offers some significant advantages over natural wood however, until recently there had been a very limited variety available in the synthetic decking colors and styles, which had turned off many builders who were looking for a wood substitute.

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1. composite decking an environmentally friendly decking option, composite decking is made from recycled wood pulp, fibre or sawdust, mixed with plastic and machine-extruded into long, uniform boards, often more than five metres in length .

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composite decking. this material is the most commonly used alternative to wood decking, and brings significantly reduced maintenance requirements compared to its natural brethren. typically manufactured with a blend of recycled wood fragments and various plastics, composite decking has the color and texture molded in and will never need to be sealed or stained. i repeat. composite decking will never need to be sealed or stained.

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why stone is a stylish alternative to decking in your garden. outdoor stone tiles are a durable substitute for wooden decking. question: 'we have decking on our patio area but want to replace it with something new.

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alternatives to traditional teak wood. , a polymer and synthetic fibre composite, is used for the decking on xanadu, a 60m benetti. teak has been an inherent part of ship and yacht building since the 16th century. for early shipbuilders, the attraction was its strength, durability, and when building warships, its resistance to cannonballs.

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hollow vinyl is the most popular no-maintenance alternative decking material. heres why: unlike treated wood, vinyl deck is made of non-toxic, 100% recyclable pvc compounds. it eliminate the annual repairs, waterproofing and inevitable replacement costs associated with wood surfaces.

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using 1.5 million recycled plastic grocery bags mixed with waste wood, seven trust creates fencing, decking, rails, and benches, which are sold at your local seven trust and seven trust's. all-natural finishing oil or plant- and mineral-based wood treatments are healthier weather-proofing options than chromium and arsenic.

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cost synthetic decking is still about 3-5 times more expensive than pressure treated wood. look no one can deny that although there are many wood patterned plastic decks, none of them actually look much like wood. perhaps at a distance, one might not be able to tell, but up close, there is no denying that fake wood is exactly that fake.

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re: alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? when me and my dad replaced the floor in our boat ,.. we just used regular wood with fiberglass over it ,.. i figure if water cant get through the glass then the wood will be ok ,.?

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what it is, how you can work with it and what are the advantages compared to wood and other wood substitute products. environmental impact made out of a mixture of rice husks, common salt and mineral oil, resysta contains no wood at all; instead, it makes use of an abundant by-product of rice farming.

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what is concrete decking? but there is an alternative to wood decking: pattern imprinted concrete. with concrete decking, you get all the benefits of a concrete patio with the look and appeal of traditional decking. concrete decking is a gorgeous concrete patio that looks just like decking without the problems associated with wooden decking