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22. stainless steel light posts. sometimes you really dont need a wall or a fence. when youre that lucky, all you need are these dashing stainless steel light posts and some gardening to highlight your front yard.

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a motion activated sprinkler can be placed at a fence's base to deter cats from walking on it. they can also be positioned in the yard to point at the fence and go off whenever it senses a cat walking across the top. cats have an extreme aversion to water, so getting sprinkled on will easily deter them from using the fence as a personal walking

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p a t t e r ns include brick, wood-g r ain, and stepped block; colors range from natural gray to eart h panels for precast post-and-panel fence systems a r e slid, one by one, into post channels. c rete wall panel system that also can be used for concrete fencing.

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dig the fill on your side back off the old sleepers and then demolish the fence/retaining wall. cut the posts off at gl and sledge hammer them below gl if they can't be levered out. rebuild the fence along the same line with the new posts offset from the old post positions, using 100x100 treated pine posts at least 600mm in ground.

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the posts can even be nearly seamless dogs are a familys best friend, and a wooden fences worst enemy. one of the easiest ways to know which section of your wooden fence is wearing down the fastest is to see where your dog, or your neighbors dog, is scratching at the most.

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if the retaining wall needed to be higher or looks higher than it is, then you could use 200x100 treated pine sleeper buried on end at a slight angle backwards as independent posts for the retaining wall and either put the fence in front of it or on top of it.

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your alternative to trellis might be to train the plant along plastic coated wires. the wires can be stretched between extension battens that have been fixed to the existing fence posts or wall. typical divisional fence. the fence shown below is typical of that seen on a housing development seeking to gain 'secured by design' approval from the police.

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using metal spikes. metal spikes are available in different sizes, suitable for different heights of fence: a 600mm 24 inch spike is enough for posts which will support fences up to 1.2m 4 feet high. a 750mm 30 inch spike is suitable to support a fence which is 1.8m 6 feet high.

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fix two posts, one to each wall using frame fixings or preferably sleeve anchors and hang the gate. the sleeve anchors need to be recessed in the posts with something like a flat-bit. a days work at most for a competent diyer and not much more than a hundred quid for machine hire and gate/posts i wouldn't of thought.

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example of a gabion fence with wisteria hanging down from the top. large yard with tall gabion and cement block fence serving as tall privacy fence. the gabion gives the fence an interesting and natural texture that works well with the manicured nature of the property. tall gabion wall next to a patio.

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these 50 lb. blocks may be used for mounting of deck support posts. they are dimensionally true and uniform in texture. square concrete block with no large chips or breaks; use in foundations or above-grade masonry walls; uniform in shape, color and texture; meets astm c 90 specifications; used for mounting or supporting post

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shop fence blocks in the concrete block section of seven find quality fence blocks online or in store. skip to main content skip to main navigation do it right for less.

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at each end of the wall, set an 8 x 8 x 8 cinder block, smooth side facing out. known as half blocks, these smaller blocks are used to create a running bond pattern that lends strength to

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retaining wall blocks paver blocks retaining wall steps retaining wall construction building a retaining wall retaining wall design backyard retaining walls building a fence flagstone patio when sprucing up an outdoor area, we're used to the typical landscaping cleaning up brush, potting plants, adding a bush or vegetable garden here and there.